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  1. I need more model designer . I will give you the update personal to your email or skype . This is because it a secret project that will blow your mind. Its a winter first person shooting project. If we got payment i will share with my staff (10%). I will upload the video in youtube and give the link later. After i done mke the min manu . I try to make it multy player . This game about a man that try to find out what is going on with the city that been effected by virus . This is open world game. Parkour will be add. If multyplayer been create , you need to build your clan ,join other clan or stand your own to be the top servivor and best player . Hope u guys like it . Gmail or skype me if you want to know any update or want to join me. Thx for ask.. BloodSnow.
  2. Scene designer = level designer Add me on skype :faizal030900 Or give your skype.
  3. Im a good scene designer and physicx designer. I already use unity for 2 years.
  4. Its not a troll I try to make game like to make game free for first play . After updated u need to pay for the game . I will share it with my stuff. Anybody like to join can chat with me now .
  5. I need a model designer ,scripter and more. You can tell me what u want to be and give idea to make this game perfect. Chat with me now in skype :faizal030900 Or sent email to me at :BloodSnow390@gmail.com Open to any age. Anyone know to make website olso be accepted. Join me now for fun and be BloodSnow mamber.
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