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  1. Thank you for the comment, but i know this is very much possible. I just need to find a way to do it, i already have it working with a sphere or capsule collider but those are also colliding besides the wheel as they are a sphere. Wheel colliders are not meant to do what i need, i tried to use them in the first place. Regards
  2. All rigidbodies have already set it to none i tried switching but none of them helps im afraid
  3. Thank you for the reply! The wheel collider does not what i need it to do, for example collision on all sides. If the car flips upside down it should still drive, or if it falls in the side it should still rotate[ in this car the body ] See it as this: I need a round collider of some sort that can rotate/roll and by doing so it drags the body with it, and it should do so without bouncing or jumping around. I know it is possible i saw multiple examples, but could not find the way to do it yet.. For example "Wreck arena" uses mesh collider as wheels and that works very smooth. I hope there someone knows a bit more about this issue. Thanks in advance and regards
  4. Hello, I am trying to get my wheels to work with mesh colliders but with no succes so far.. I have a body rigidbody and the wheels rigidbodies are connected to it with joints that can move freely on 1 axis. This all works perfectly but heres the issue, once they start moving the vehicle goes forward but the wheels "Bounce/jitter/Shake" i found the problem of this and it seems to be the convex collider not being fully round, i made special models in 3DS Max and also used the wheel itself all of them shake. A solution is using a sphere or capsule collider but it would collide with objects beside the wheel itself.. So i was hoping anyone of you knew how to create a perfect round collider or know a workaround. A wheel collider is not an option as it does not what i need it to do, i need a collider on all sides so it can move and drive no matter the rotation. Thank you all!
  5. Hello everyone. I am having trouble with setting up the configurable joint in such way that i can rotate it with the mouse. The setup i currently have is: A rigidbody [ The base ] A second Rigidbody [ The second base] A third rigidbody [ The rotating body ] The second rigidbody is connected to the first one with a configurable joint which i have setup to work just like a fixed joint. The third [rotating] body is connected to the second body with a configurable joint, and so far this is where my problem is. I can make it rotate using Angular force that is not a problem, but i want to control it with the mouse so i is very accurate. [ The final result will be a turret of some sort. ] Note: I have set the joint motions of the joint to LOCKED and the angular motions to FREE. Looking forward to all replies. Regards
  6. Thank you, i used a few packages like the cars and the warehouse. Besides that its all modeled and made from scratch.
  7. Hi everyone, i wanted to announce that there is a new update avaiable on the IndieDB page! it covers a new gameplay video of the melee combat, let us know what you think. Thanks!
  8. Looking good But why not go for c#? If you dont have much knowledge it is better to go to c# right away
  9. Thank you for the suggestion! we will look into that! I also want to announce that we have an early alpha gameplay video up and running! Gameplay video Also if you like this game and want to follow our progress and help us out, please share it with everyone! Big thanks in advance! Regards, Erik
  10. Thank you very much! Almost everything in this game is build entirely from scratch, this way it is much more customizable and tweekable. We are going to add more updates today, so if you want to keep posted about every update make sure you have a look on our pages!
  11. Hi everyone! I have been on this forum for some time now, trying to help some people out with coding here and there which i like to do! and i will continue to do that ofcourse and besides that i have been working on a project myself aswell. It is called: The Days After. The days after is about the time after the apocalyps, you start out as a lone survivor searching for a community. Once you have found a community you have to search for supplies and rescue other survivors that are in danger or simply seeking a community aswell. Once the community is too big for its current location you will have to relocate the community to a more suitable area, There are many location to choose from all with their own pros and cons. Every survivor has their own set of skills that can be usefull within the community whether it be medical or mechanical skills. Each community location has facilities that can be build and upgraded, from watch towers to farming facilities. The world is full of zombies from slow and weak to armoured soldiers hunting them down is a good way to gather ammunition and weapons, there are alot of different weapons to fight with wether it is melee or ranged. We want to develop this game with the help of the community, meaning that we will take all suggestions and feedback in consideration. We want to decrease the distance between the developers and the community so that the game when its done has features and gameplay people wanted! I hope we can get all of your support for our project and keep the feedback coming we appreciate every single one of them! Facebook Twitter IndieDB Here are some screenshots: Thank you for reading.
  12. Reaven99

    UI help

    I have used NGUI for multiple years, and then the Unity UI came out which is made by the creator of NGUI. Unity UI is in my experience much better than NGUI i like to look at Unity UI as NGUI 2.0, it has almost all the features of NGUI and added many more to it. And besides that Untiy UI is free. I have no experience with DFGUI but a coworker of mine used it and he seemed happy with it. Bottom line, i would go for Unity UI.
  13. I would go for raycasting aswell. Shooting raycasts outside depending on what mode you are in [ standing, crouching, lying down ]. This way you can check if the character is going through a wall quite accurate, because you know the size of the character so if the character is lying down you know how far away the legs can be from the middle without hitting a collider. If it does hit a collider simply move the character forwards, same goes for the weapon you know the size of the weapon[ how far it reaches out ] simply check that and move the player backwards. Do it both ways and you can check if the player is even able to lie down in that position. See Battlefield 4 for reference on this, they kinda use the same tactic, when lying down and the soldier does not fit it move it until it fits and if not the soldier stands up. Hope this helps.
  14. Would it be possible to make the "load" a child of the trailer? That way it wouldn't slide anymore. You can do this by simply checking oncollisionenter or something similar to add and remove it as child. Hope this helps.
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