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  1. just in case.... i got 2 banned google ads accounts for clickbaid users. (bitcoin faucets with google ads) be carefull with that stuff. google banns every strange looking stuff
  2. missing ";" in your debuging line "print('you have pressed the buttonn')" you really should try to write slow and conscientious. you made a bunch of spelling mistakes aswell. thats your main problem by getting this errors
  3. the same thing happens without textures. just a basic material. yes the mash is broken into pieces
  4. does someone know why this happens to my fps arm animations? it looks noormal in all other editors but in unity i got this: thanks for eny help
  5. soulreafer

    unity terrain

    Really? Fist shit i heared today is "TRUP IS PRESIDENT" and now this crap question?
  6. Maybe some of you knows this project as "Kryptokombat". I decided to change the type of game to a free satoshi faucet where you can win free bitcoins without dealing with your own coins! The Project Page: http://hitcoin.cf Point of the Game: - Just enter your ePAY wallet adress and place your bet on the right fighter. you can win free satoshis on every battle. - losers will also win a small amount of satoshis like a consolation reward. - every battle involves up to 3 rounds. just wait until the battle ends to win your free satoshis. - your reward gets stored on our site as long as you reach the withdraw limit. - you can transfer your satoshis directly to your wallet provider when you reach this limit. - you can find more informations about the "game" in the FAQ tab on our site. Supported Wallet Providers: - http://www.epay.info - https://faucetbox.com (will be added in the future when we have enough funds to fill this wallet) Possible Rewards: 10-200 satoshis every round. (dynamic rounds. under 10 minutes!) consolation reward: 2 satoshis we will change the possible reward based on the coins we have. more users means more free coins for you! Screenshot: We are trying to create the possible funds for your rewards with Ads. So please turn off your AdBlocker while you are on our site.
  7. please learn the basics before you start playing arround with complex assets :-/
  8. clever idea to find vulnerabilitys for little money. malicious hackers could cost them more ;-)
  9. this looks 1000% unprefessional. I would not even register there
  10. Dynamic clouds and rain added
  11. whats wrong with you guys? i thought this is a board where newbys can learn basics? your post helps as nothing. so why you posting then? void Update() { if (Input.GetKeyDown("keycode.A")) transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(0, -180, 0); if (Input.GetKeyDown("keycode.D")) transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(0, 180, 0); }
  12. would be eough if OnManArmy installs Tapatalk plugin on this IP Board. You can then do all this stuff without an extra App
  13. thats a great idea never thought about that
  14. maybe you want to join my team? u wait i am alone atm ^^ http://armedunity.com/topic/12725-unleached-survival/
  15. bump... check out the main post for the current changings: http://armedunity.com/topic/12725-unleached-survival/?p=108954
  16. what animation system do you use? the old legacy one allowy you to use set each body part animation on different layers and mix them together eG.: animation["wave_hand"].AddMixingTransform(shoulder); if your char is allready running with an run animation on layer 1. you can mix the wave_hand animation on layer 2 into it and affect just everything @ spine "shoulder".
  17. soulreafer

    Moving Wall

    //Cube Script public gameObject Cube; public int speed; public gameObject Player; void Update() { Cube.transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * Time.deltaTime * speed); } void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) { if(other.gameObject.tag == "player") Player.SendMessage("Respawn", true); } //player scriot public bool respawnButton = false; public void Respawn(bool state){ respawnButton = state; } public void OnGUI(){ if(respawnButton) //Showbutton stuff... } remember... its just hardcoded crap from me.... to bring some help here... wir deutschen müssen doch zusammenhalten xDD
  18. if (network.ismine){ getRED(); }
  19. soulreafer

    3d gauge

    or an world space overlayed ui on the meter model
  20. is there a way to set up unitys ui canvas elements above everything else without using another camera ? the wooden plans are ui elements and i want them above everything else on the screen.
  21. place the camera behind your player and make it a child of it. add the standart fps camera script to it and change the stuff which rotates the camera transform arround on the x axis to something like this: (maybe this will only affect the player rotation but the camera will continue facing to the starting position. then you have to make sure allway facing the player -> transform.lookat(player)) transform.parent.root.rotation = originalRotation * xQuaternion;
  22. This thread made my day XDD
  23. Some progress on the third person player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzHPrjiBS14&feature=youtu.be
  24. try the check texture settings READ/WRITE enabled true for the missing textures in build mode.
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