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  1. Hello all, I was take a rest of Unity, 3D modelling etc. But now, a few days ago I started a new project, mostly cuz I need to write a Diplom work for my university... Nothing special, but here it is: You must collect all balls to complete demo map and u have 3 minutes to do it
  2. Unity 3d SideScroller

    Main hero concept, painting by me
  3. Unity 3d SideScroller

    Here is, a first day in development game, I work on now. Character is temporary, but it will be a knife anyway [youtubebb3] [/youtubebb3]
  4. Help with adding texture to model.

    Turn on your brain, and try this: 1. Go to 3ds max and make materials from all textures you have. 2. Add every material to the one part of model to find correct, you will see if the texture will be in right place. Then you can rename material to the simmilar name like the the model part name, to easy find right material in the Unity. Is it really so difficult?
  5. Battlefield Programming Language!

    Holy shit, I didn't know that there's so many languages
  6. Battlefield Programming Language!

    So, which language they use?
  7. Battlefield Programming Language!

    Also it's can be Lua, or special engine language danielvd, are you 100% sure, that you know it?
  8. Help with adding texture to model.

    So what is your problem? Or did you asking to make a new textures for this model? Can't understand you.
  9. FPSProject V0.07 Multiplayer GamePlay

    Good job! I realy like it
  10. Help with adding texture to model.

    Are you kidding us? you know how to model and animate things, but you can't simply assign textures on materials????
  11. FPSProject V0.07 Multiplayer GamePlay

    This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.
  12. Help with adding texture to model.

    This model useless without rigging and I think no one will do rigging for free, about textures - maybe this will help you http://dxyner2000.com/tutorials/tut1.htm Or you can add all textures to the materials inside unity...
  13. Alien/futuristic pistol

    I don't see any sense of posting models without textures