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  1. Thank You but i just need to learn how to add many maps and players can select map before join a room also how to select guns before join a room and how to add a buy and sell guns no one teach that part.
  2. thanks i need advance stuff. i can make a simple multiplayer fps game but need to learn more. here what i have made but i need to learn advance multiplayer photon networking
  3. hi there, really need to find a Full time full time unity3d course which cover photon networking. i have min basic knowledge. is there any courses for foreign students? help me Thanks
  4. buddy i need to know how to change FPS hands to FPS model like "Max" with full body?
  5. hi there, i need to buy full old red crucible 2 template and develop it. or make a project like that. i like to pay enough for that. please contact me.