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  1. Hey!

    Hello every one. I'm Ben, a 16 year old programmer. I found out about OneManArmy3D 4 years ago on his youtube channel, my parents got me a laptop for "school" and when I got it I wanted to do every thing I could on it. One thing which I found amazing was OneManArmy's creations in Unity, I use to love watching all of his videos imagining that I could do that(not knowing unity was available for the public) and kept playing his game on chrome and loving it. Half way though my GCSE's (year 10) I found out I could start making games like OMA but back then I thought as his name is OneManArmy that he did everything(I don't know if he 3d models but I know he likes programming) so I starting trying to make games. I starting modelling weapons as I liked FPS's, only managed to make one full "low poly" one which looked like 3 squares, then came to scripting and I use to follow youtube tutorials except I would always get errors try and try to fix them for about 2 weeks then starting again on another fps. Never really made a game but still knew I wanted to do it. Near the end of year 11 I stopped trying to make games, when it came for looking for colleges I did not think Games Development was a common thing, that I would have to travel far to find a college which does it, but managed to find one near by but failed most of my GCSE's so I just was very lucking that I was the first year to have a level 2(level 3 is if you have pass English and maths, level 2 is if you failed them). During level 2 games development we use game engine called Construct 2 , I was feeling limited by the free version we had so for my final major my tutor said you can use Unity. I had never code in C# or Java but I went for it risking my whole grade but turned out great this time, I stopped watching youtube tutorials and instead looked on forums and documentations. Now after finishing my second project I was looking for a place to get 3d models and remembered OMA and then found theses forums again, went to create an account and found out I already had one. So just wanted to say Hi, in a really long post . if you want to see my work you can just ask.