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  1. Thank you for your help.
  2. Yes. this is good. but new thing come u. Now when this robot comes down from the hill he keeps looking down and walking like that. what I have to do to let him look straight ?
  3. It should work but it doesn't. it gives me this error // Cannot modify the return value of 'UnityEngine.Transform.rotation' because it is not a variable. //
  4. I tried all these and no one works. gameObject.transform.eulerAngles.y = ManFace.transform.eulerAngles.y; gameObject.transform.localRotation.eulerAngles.y = ManFace.transform.localRotation.eulerAngles.y; gameObject.transform.eulerAngles.y = ManFace.transform.eulerAngles.y; gameObject.transform.rotation.eulerAngles.y = ManFace.transform.rotation.eulerAngles.y; gameObject.transform.rotation.y = ManFace.transform.rotation.y;
  5. My problem is that when I post this script to my robot, I found that when he moves on a hill or anything above ground, he can't rotate his angle to moves with the ground under him. that's because the "ManFace" object rotate only right and left. public Transform ManFace; public float f_MoveSpeed = 2.0f; // Update is called once per frame void Update () { gameobject.transform.rotation = ManFace.transform.rotation; // here is my problem transform.position += ManFace.transform.forward * f_MoveSpeed * Time.deltaTime; } What i need is to let the "Manface" effect on right and left sides of robot only, other angles are free.
  6. I tried that before. it let the robot to go up and do that same thing. that's all.
  7. Here my robot moves from one point to another randomly. I don't know ? That's why i'm asking. Can anyone help me ?
  8. Hi In my game enemy have vehicle "cars" drive it to attacking player. Because it using NavMeshAgent, it stuck on th ground only. What you advice me to do ? Example i need to achieve it.
  9. Better for you to learn how to animate human model. There are many tutorials on Internet will help you. With practice nothing will stop you. Mixamo is useful for your case. there are many types of animations of zombie and human you can use it freely.
  10. I was trying to do your steps and i get good result. But it will takes long time to do the same with other robots. Thank you Sunix.
  11. Thank you so much for what you did, and please answer those several question. what program you used to adjust the body ? because there are lines and you removed ! How you did that ? With Blender "Smooth" I get this result. Second, about the "RobotBase_Albedo" image. How you made it ? Photoshop or other programs ? I know about the UV, HeightMap and NormalMap. But from the image i can see only ONE texture. Tell me the steps you did to get this shape of the robot. This is important for me. Please don't make fun of mt robot. I know the basics but i can't get good appearance for my robot. That really disappoint me.
  12. I made a robot and I don't know what kind of texture can i use for it. Using colors as texture gives me bad result. I need someone texturing the main parts from his mind. Robot Link Also, I appreciate any advise from you.
  13. I wast looking for something like this one. Thank you
  14. Hi I need help with this script. This script about lightning between two objects. My problem is with the end of the Line Render. It should end at second object position. But is not. I need it to follow the second object. and make a range if second object get close, lightning strike him. private LineRenderer lRend; private Vector3[] points = new Vector3[5]; private readonly int point_Begin = 0; private readonly int point_Middle_Left = 1; private readonly int point_Center = 2; private readonly int point_Middle_Right = 3; private readonly int point_End = 4; public Transform line; // end of the line render. private readonly float randomPosOffset = 0.3f; private readonly float randomWithOffsetMax = 2f; private readonly float randomWithOffsetMin = 1f; private readonly WaitForSeconds customFrame = new WaitForSeconds(0.05f); void Start () { lRend = GetComponent<LineRenderer>(); StartCoroutine(Beam()); } private IEnumerator Beam() { yield return customFrame; points[point_Begin] = transform.position; // start line points[point_End] = line.transform.position; // end Line CalculateMiddle(); lRend.SetPositions(points); lRend.SetWidth(RandomWidthOffset(), RandomWidthOffset()); // i get error here (" UnityEngine.LineRenderer.SetWidth(float, float)' is obsolete: 'SetWidth has been deprecated. Please use the startWidth, endWidth, or widthCurve properties instead. ") StartCoroutine(Beam()); } private float RandomWidthOffset() { return Random.Range(randomWithOffsetMin, randomWithOffsetMax); } private void CalculateMiddle() { Vector3 center = GetMiddleWithRandomness(transform.position, line.position); points[point_Center] = center; points[point_Middle_Left] = GetMiddleWithRandomness(transform.position, center); points[point_Middle_Right] = GetMiddleWithRandomness(center, line.position); } private Vector3 GetMiddleWithRandomness (Vector3 point1, Vector3 point2) { float x = (point1.x + point2.x) / point_Center; float finalX = Random.Range(x - randomPosOffset, x + randomPosOffset); float y = (point1.y + point2.y) / point_Center; float finalY = Random.Range(y - randomPosOffset, y + randomPosOffset); return new Vector3(finalX, finalY, 0); }
  15. shokria.