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  1. Ecommerce site to sell your assets

    What girlfriend?
  2. Ecommerce site to sell your assets

    Ban please
  3. Mixamo Skeleton Mapper Error

    I know D: I have to animate my character myself
  4. Mixamo Skeleton Mapper Error

    I get an weird prompt when I export my fbx to mixamo, It says I need to manually map it because it does not recognize my skeleton.
  5. New job, New start

    Welcome back
  6. My own Site like ArmedUnity!

    So what if he just has one post? Nothing wrong with that
  7. Sword 3d model

    More tris and polys please
  8. [Help] High Quality Sound FX Resources

    Audioblocks might have some stuff I get most of my sounds from here : http://triune-store.myshopify.com/collections/sound-effects
  9. [Help] High Quality Sound FX Resources

    Some of these you can record yourself...
  10. Low Poly Terrain + Props

  11. Looking for a noob

    It was a suggestion
  12. Virtual Home

    Looks good Polycount? Texture res?
  13. Photon viking multiplayers

    Cool stuff
  14. helpe my plss

    Let's get started
  15. Looking for a noob

    Why not learn to code first?