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  1. character reminds me of that show chop socky chooks
  2. well we kinda just started it the other day thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  3. Already have MrWaffles117TV or something like that.
  4. Hi there i am a indie developer who is new to unity, currently working on a Multiplayer FPS, i am working on this with some mates and also have another friend who will be working on the artworks (Photoshop type art). I'm hoping to release the game by the end of the year. www.facebook.com/MultiplayerFps What we are aiming for: -Parkour System (in progress) -up to 40 guns (with attachments) -Free To Play -Master Server, Servers + Hostings (almost complete) -Battlefield size maps (Large, for tactical gameplay) -GameModes: -DeathMatch (Free For All) -Team DeathMatch -One Life GameModes (Like Elimination) -A complex Search And Destroy Mode -Sniper Only Modes -And More (Once the following are complete) -Graphics (To Be Finished Last) -Realism (Like Bullet Drop, Jump Height, Explosions, etc.) -Diversity.
  5. Hey nice job so far!, im quite new to unity, but im hoping to complete a project of my own by then end of the year, send me a message of when you update it!
  6. Really interesting, reminds me of paper mario ________________________________________ http://www.youtube.com/MrWaffles117TV
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