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  1. Thanks for your helps, i just gave up. I tried things u said but maybe because its and old script Unity probably doesn't understand it, I'll find a C# teacher and start learning C#, maybe in future i look back at this and tell myself how stupid i was now. Thank you all.
  2. Link: http://oi47.tinypic.com/333v1ae.jpg Is this what u wanted to see?
  3. The code u wrote is the same code i posted at beginning with errors, ( http://oi48.tinypic.com/2nc1ab8.jpg same picture at the beginning of the post ) when i remove the "}" after "void Awake" i get 5 errors but with bracket i get 1 error. Whats wrong with the code?
  4. void Awake } () { leftTrackWheelData = new WheelData [leftTrackWheels.Length]; rightTrackWheelData = new WheelData [rightTrackWheels.Length]; for (int i = 0; i leftTrackWheelData [i] = SetupWheels (leftTrackWheels [i], leftTrackBones [i]); } for (int i = 0; i rightTrackWheelData [i] = SetupWheels (rightTrackWheels [i], rightTrackBones [i]); } Vector3 offset = transform.position; offset.z + = 0.01f; transform.position = offset; } This is the code, i tried ur way but couldnt make it work, maybe i did something wrong, can you show me in the code? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, i put the '}' at the end of the 'void Awake', now i only have 1 error left: void Awake} () { < A namespace does not directly contain members such as fields or methods Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected. Image Link : http://oi45.tinypic.com/2labqjc.jpg How do i fix this one?
  6. Hey, i was following a tutorial on an old book (2011) it had some scripting (C#, and im new to C#) in it and at 1 point, unity didnt recognize a part of the script (as you see in the below), how can i fix that error? (if image below doesnt show or too small, link: http://oi48.tinypic.com/2nc1ab8.jpg ) Thanks
  7. Thank you for your helps and advice, i manage to make it work like in the video.
  8. I searched it on unity forums , lots of people posted topics about tank tracks but no body answered or didn't know how, so i thought i could try my chance here.
  9. Nobody want to spend hours to answer on your questions. Pick one question and specify what exactly you want to know. you want something like this? [youtubehd] [/youtubehd] Yeah something like this, if this is something difficult to do i might buy it from the asset store, i just wanted to know how its done apparently looks like from scripting. Isn't seem pretty hard thou, only 2 scripts. PlayerTracksController.cs and TankTracksController.cs .
  10. Hey all, i just wanted to ask how is it possible to have a dynamic tank track/treads in unity with all animations and sync to wheels and can have kind of a suspension system that affects the tracks and the wheels position from terrain (High-Low). How is it possible to do that? With scripting or animations in unity or making a rig in the 3d modeling program (Blender,3dsMax) , any help will be appreciated, thanks / Big Boss
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