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  1. Here is a heap of my tracks suitable for most games some are works in progress, can use as youy wish, cheers =)
  2. this is such a basic question and you could have used a search engine to find 100's of solutions...seriously how can you expect anyone on this forum to take you seriously. I suggest you do a simple search and then ask any problems you are encountering. No one is going to help someone who can't be bothered to do their own research.
  3. One way is to set up sphere triggers or basic collision detection. Example mission......... disarm the bomb and then proceed to the extraction point. then use a sphere trigger at the extraction point to load the next level. There are many tutorials on you tube showing you how to make quests or objective systems. I suggest before trying to make a FPS, you actually learn how to use a search engine.
  4. Unfortunately you cannot play mp3 from disk. However you can play or load .ogg files........I believe its some sort of licensing thingy. Look at the WWW class for this. You can use it to load an audio clip over the net or from local hard disk and play it back. There are free mp3 to ogg converters.
  5. This may help
  6.!/content/75653 this is a free one from the asset store
  7. Have to agree 100% with OcularCash. The best way to learn is firstly jump into a program and play around with everything and familiarize yourself with the software. Read the manual completely. Then watch some tutorials. However be warned some of the tutorials are absolute crap. Some really good free programs are Gimp, Blender, Sculptris , UV Mapper , Insane Bump and Wings 3d. When using Unity, Probuilder advanced is an excellent product speeds up your workflow incredibly. Substance painter is also a top notch product. If you want a program where you can create the model, retopo, create your smart/pbr textures, create all your maps for unity and render your model, you really can't go past 3D Coat. Its a lot cheaper than ZBrush. I just purchased it at Xmas and it really is a one stop modelling program. Like OcularCash said there is no right way or wrong way. It comes down to personal choice. You can make just as good a model using free programs as using thousand dollar programs, and everybody has their own unique workflow.
  8. The colours you have used are hard on the eyes. The website looks like it was thrown together in 5 minutes, by someone who spent 20 minutes watching a HTML tutorial. In all seriousness would you want to sell your products on a website that looks like this? No mention of payment provider. No mention of how funds are transferred to the vendor. No mention of effective advertising. No mention of how products are protected by piracy, mailing lists, promotions, press releases, does the vendor get access to customer e-mail addresses, demos, and so on..... Seriously your disclaimer .......Disclaimer- Project Austin Gaming is not liable for what happens in the shop...... come on mate like I am seriously gonna hand over my credit card/pay-pal details to you.
  9. platformer

    nice work love the aesthetics
  10. That looks like a really cool game
  11. I don't want any vouchers but I really like the style ..........nice work
  12. stop posting ripped content you did not even make the animations, AU does not support piracy.
  13. well you definitely have the right attitude, and I applaud you on that... I will quite happily create models for u and give you a helping hand with scripts and not 100% convinced on the zombies but hey you are definitely determined
  14. and can you please show us some of your projects?
  15. just need to change your idea, nobody wants a to be involved in a zombie shooter, regardless of the genre......aliens, space, mechs, WWII, apocalyptic style, there are heaps of other genres out there that have not been done to back through all the failed posts on AU. 99% involve zombies.