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  1. Пельмени уже как то слишком =) хотя в следующий пак может быть добавлю
  2. Hi, friend! Do you want to create survival game/rpg/shooter/action? Do you need good low-poly food models? Then this pack is maded for you! It contain 10 low-poly models for your great projects. You can use them as props, as items, as food for inventory etc. Models are optimized, so you can use them in mobile games. All models already configured, tuned and got prefabs for your comfort. Also you can tune them like you want. List of food models: 1) Bread 2) Long Loaf 3) Hamburger 4) Donut 5) Cake 6) Piece of cake 7) Pancake 8) Piece of pizza 9) Pizza 10) Pie + BONUS! Exclusive frying pan! AssetStore link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/29958 Hope you will ejoy! Soon i will release second pack, stay tuned! Thanx!
  3. if player dies you click spawn and spawn again. I cant reupload cos im getting money from this uploader and it left a bit time till i get payout and when i will close partnership with this uploader and will use something better. thanx for understanding
  4. Convert can not be used in this context. Cos there is no methods of conversion =) You can remade gui as you want
  5. its just ads, close them and your ll be able to download
  6. Update is pass and now updated package is awailable in the asset store!
  7. Thanx, but i dont want to take so much. this project mentioned like a donation for me + customer get cool bonus project =) But i think i will made update (for unity 5) with new features and prefabs. Also i will made english tutorial
  8. Thax! its just 1 ! script and 1 class. Tutorial is in project in pdf. At all you just need to drop 1 script on empty GO and tune phases and prefabs (optionaly) dats all.
  9. Hello! I working on unity engine around 4 years and always sharing all what i learn and found with peoples for free. I created some thing and gave it for free i maded many tutorials and sharing it with everyone, but now i hope its time for me to earn some money for my living. My package was accepted to the asset store! This is cool system of growing vegetables, we set amount of phases of growing (f.e. start, growing, bloom, ready, wilting etc) for every phase we can set how fast vegetation should grow and what prefab it should use. Phases can be as much as you want, like prefabs. For example if you switch on imagination you can create apple-tree which will grow and bloom, and bloom prefab will contain pickupable apples =) then if player will not collect apples, it will drop apples and going to wilting. You free for customize and tune this system! And if you buy this you will help me A LOT! Asset Store: https://www.assetsto...!/content/21076 Thanx all for attention. =) Project got tutorial pdf file where is instruction v2 Is accepted and awailable!
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