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  1. Okay don't forget the sound of windIf you want it just tell me
  2. toutoutnn

    script problem

    Put your fps camera in the var
  3. Good jobs man nice work I advice to add an wind-zone for trees to make it teal
  4. I had a problem that bones go up so if you want any rigged models tell me ~toutoutn
  5. in :my package i have 3 guns 4 machineguns and 4 snipers and 1 knife 1 grenade that i will upload it soon after 3 days i give the link if you want anyhelp just send to me private message good luck ~Toutoutn
  6. In your model before you drag it to scene check generate colliders
  7. So I downloaded the model and I will make new rig for all body but it will take 3 days so plz be patient
  8. Exactly use Dontdestroyonload(game object);
  9. If you don't have animation use ragdoll And put it in child of your enemy then add this var: Public gameobject dedreplace; Then replace getcomponent<animation....... . With deadreplace.active=true;
  10. Var currlvl :into=1; Var pointstonextlvl :int=100; Var mypoints:into= 0; Function update () { If(mypoints>pointstonextlvl){ Currlvl++; Pointstonextlvl+=100; } Function OnGUI { //you can do it by yourself } //you need to created an function to add points it's very easy }
  11. OK you should increase your animation because it feels boring
  12. Man if you need any new soldier models animated for free just tell and good luck
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