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  1. If I also make a video tutorial on something and post it. can i then also get a different colored name like Deatrocker?
  2. hey! sorry for not replying earlier. it happens when i click play. i could post a video about it.
  3. hi. i replaced the buggy car model with some other car. when i then run the game. the car flies backwards and upwards while rotating slowly. why does this happen? i aligned the wheel perfect. also. if you copy the buggy and place it in the scene. then when you enter it. you can't hear the car engine.
  4. yay. 11 hits on lunatic. beat that it's so hard to do this!
  5. wow i like that texture how did you make it?
  6. there's a small problem with this. when i shoot a zombie in the head with the sniper.(haven't tested other weapons) then 2 zombies will spawn. i don't know if it's just me who did something to make it fail.
  7. thank you google! for making translate function Спасибо Google! для создания перевода функции
  8. hi. when you crouch(hold down "Ctrl") then you can move to left or right nothing happens when you press "A" or "D"
  9. frankyboy440

    Player Bug

    THANK YOU SO MUCH OMA! for making the kit and answering all the questions. this on really helped me
  10. now i noticed something. the character is always small... how do i fix this? so that the camera is higher? without warping the model of the gun.
  11. hi. i got the FPS kit 1.2 and opened it. then i added stuff from my project to it. i wanted to take the stuff from the kit scene and put it in my scene. but now i have a problem. everything works fine except the character/player. when i play, he works fine. then when i die and respawn/restart then the player is crouching. how can i fix this problem?
  12. *bump* ahhh!!!!!! my leg*falls down on ground and screams*
  13. i have been using unity for some time now and i can do some simple scripting. i made a cool terrain with river and stuff. [youtubebb3] [/youtubebb3]made this with oma's fps kit(thanks for making it oma.) using the 0.9 version. now me and a friend are making a zombie game with the 1.1kit i have tried all the free projects made by unity and other members(all the known projects)
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