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  1. Does your graphics card work properly when you do other things? If yes, then you'll have to reinstall unity I'm pretty sure.
  2. Have you tried to restart unity and your pc? There might be something wrong with your graphics card, check if it's working properly.
  3. [New Project] AK 9mm

    The gun's stock seems too thick, it might just be me though. Other than that, it's an amazing model. Good job!
  4. Free Low-Poly Arms Rigged

    You can download MakeHuman and tweak the settings to get the kind of arms you need then export it as .dae, import it into blender and delete the body if you only want the arms. It'll give you similar arms to rust, you'll just need to rig them.
  5. Free Low-Poly Arms Rigged

    Since my last post reached 256 views and people left nice comments, I decided to model some low-poly arms. I tried to make them so they have ~256 verts. The end result isn't that good but I hope you'll still be able to find a use for them. Verts: 312 Tris: 616 LP_Arms.rar
  6. I'm trying to make a destruction system by first doing a basic task like loading the damage model when the object is clicked, but that just spawns the destructed mesh and it immediately falls apart. So what I want to do is make it fall apart if it's shot(clicked on) or an objects below it has been shot(clicked on). So what I did was make the first script add a second script on all of the objects on the damage model(the reason for not adding the script manually is because I want it to just be one script that makes it all work, rather than having to manually do it for every object). What that script does is set is kinematic to true, and figure out where the object it's added on is located in relation to all of the other objects on the damage model, by comparing it's Y axis to each object and storing it's placement to an int called "Tracking Number". Then it sets is kinematic to false, whenever it sees that the object with a Tracking Number one lower than itself has it's is kinematic set to false, or when it has been clicked on. The trouble I'm having is that all of the objects have is kinematic set to false even if I click on the top one, so it basically acts like the script isn't even a thing except for the object that's on the very bottom. Also I can't get the tracking numbers to properly set so I had to use a different technique, without the tracking number that only sets is kinematic to false if an object with it's Y position lower than itself has is kinematic to false, which causes the broken effect mentioned above. Issue: tracking numbers aren't being properly set. I'm most likely making this complicated for no reason. //-----------------Scripts Placer---------------------------------- private Transform child; public int children; public int childNumber; public bool scriptsPlaced; //-----------------First Judge------------------------------------- public int TNJudge; public int nextChildNumber; public bool trackingNumbersPlaced; //-----------------Final Judge------------------------------------- public int childTrackingNumber; public int childTrackingNumberW; public int finalChildNumber; public float finalChildPos; public float childPos; public float childPos1; public bool fianlJudgeDone; //-----------------Other------------------------------------------- public int potentialChildTrackingNumber; public float getChildPos; public float winnerChildPos; void Start () { childPos1 = 99999999; winnerChildPos = 99999999; //checks how many children there are children = this.transform.childCount; //resets the child counter/script applier childNumber = 0; scriptsPlaced = false; nextChildNumber = 0; TNJudge = 0; trackingNumbersPlaced = false; finalChildNumber = 0; fianlJudgeDone = false; } void Update () { if (childNumber < children) { child = this.gameObject.transform.GetChild(childNumber); child.gameObject.AddComponent<Destruction_Mesh>(); childNumber++; if (childNumber == children) { scriptsPlaced = true; } } if (scriptsPlaced == true && TNJudge < children) { child = this.gameObject.transform.GetChild(nextChildNumber); child.gameObject.transform.GetComponent<Destruction_Mesh>().trackingNumber = TNJudge; nextChildNumber++; TNJudge++; if (childNumber == children) { trackingNumbersPlaced = true; childPos = child.transform.position.y; } } if (scriptsPlaced == true && trackingNumbersPlaced == true) { IsThereALower(); } } void IsThereALower() { do { if (finalChildNumber < children) { childTrackingNumber = this.gameObject.transform.GetChild(finalChildNumber).transform.GetComponent<Destruction_Mesh>().trackingNumber; finalChildPos = this.gameObject.transform.GetChild(finalChildNumber).transform.position.y; if (finalChildPos < childPos1) { childPos1 = finalChildPos; childTrackingNumber = childTrackingNumber - 1; } finalChildNumber++; if (finalChildNumber == children) { fianlJudgeDone = true; finalChildNumber = 0; } } } while (fianlJudgeDone == false); }
  7. Skype vs. Discord, your opinion

    Everyone around me seems to like Discord, I personally don't mind skype though. By the way you put it Discord seems like the obvious choice.
  8. Free Low-Poly Pack

    If you don't forget you can message me when you've finished the game, I would love to try it out. Thank you for the compliment.
  9. Free Low-Poly Pack

    In blender or in a game engine? I put the .blend files in there as well so you can export or change anything yourself if you need to. R: 0.274, G: 0.273, B: 0.142
  10. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    Just animate the HUD so it has a bob when you land after a jump, or a fall or apply the script above and make it so it moves on the opposite axis of what the player moves. Though if you do that don't make it move like crazy, just slight movement but noticeable.
  11. Free Low-Poly Pack

    Revolver: 1,208 verts, 2,344 tris VSS: 882 verts, 1,596 tris Shotgun: 474 verts, 862 tris MP18: 1,731 verts, 2,853 tris M1911 (you can open up the blender file and just delete the suppressor if you don't want it, the gun will look perfectly fine): 970 verts, 1,716 tris | 913 verts, 1,606 tris Grenade: 734 verts, 1,404 tris Grenade2: 646 verts, 1,164 tris Flamethrower: 666 verts, 1,246 tris C96 Carbine: 704 verts, 1,282 tris Bow&Arrow(Rigged): 381 verts, 680 tris Arabic House: 1,540 verts, 2,489 tris
  12. Listen to this one. It's a game. Of course! You might say, BUT not just any game... This is a game about war. War? Yes war. War what? World war! No, wait. Craft war... That won't work either... P... No! Don't you think about going there, you might get banned, there's already a game about that so... How about we combine two completely different genres and... Wait! A chair game. A chair game? That doesn't sound very interesting... BUT you are on the chair! Wh... Ch... Ch... Charcoal game! What do you mean charcoal game... A first person shooter but... You throw charcoal at each other! Wait! This could be a weapon idea. The charcoal shooter, it'll have a mini furnace on the gun and you'll reload it by dumping a bag of charcoal in the furnace! Wh... Where are you getting all of these dumb ideas from... I might be crazy but it's beneficial at times... Kinda. Oh no... I just realized I can't delete posts...
  13. Free UI work

    Yeah, I can do that for sure, send me a personal message.
  14. Free UI work

    Hi, I mainly do modeling and coding but making UI is a lot of fun and it's what modeling and coding use to be for me, a hobby. So, if you need a UI artist, I'd be willing to do it for free. Below you'll see a picture of a start menu that I planned on using for my game.