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  1. No1997

    Out of My imagination !!!

    Google Sketchup?
  2. No1997


    Once microsoft has something, they turn it to shit
  3. No1997

    Holy crap this is my hundredth post!!!

    This is my 1016th post
  4. No1997

    high poly training

    Don't comment if you don't understand what i'm or you're saying. It's complete jibrish. Subsurf = high poly. He either uses that or devisions. To bake normals, you'll need more details. Which he does not have. Also, it is not better nor worse for non-game purposes. It may take longer to render. And what the the fuck are you trying to say about not much experience? Who are you to decide? I know alot, i have learned it in blender. It may be different in other software packages. But that does not mean that it is "a bad thing". You're fucking retard if you conclude that from the few sentences i have written.
  5. No1997

    Maximum Game FOV?

    I use 75 mostly, but sometimes 95 just to see more around me. You get use to it after an hour or so.
  6. No1997

    high poly training

    no point in using a high poly model if there are no details ,it's just adding sub devisions to make it look fancy..
  7. No1997

    Venture Vox Minecraft-like game

    Dat fps count tho..
  8. No1997


    Hey guys, i decided to render some pics of a hallway and here are the results https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrrf920yits82y4/Hallway_Scene.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tuk610d1som2egh/Horror_Scene_Render_01.png?dl=0
  9. No1997

    Unity 5 Presentation!

    ^ that + volumetric stuff. Can't wait till there's more about that
  10. No1997

    Unity 5 Presentation!

    Hey guys! So i saw this really awesome hands-on demo from unity3d 5! I absolutely love the improvements. Check it out: (No it's not the preview trailer, it's a presentation)
  11. No1997

    Worked on my modelling skills

    I think that we agreed on the past that people need to invest time to learn a skill instead of asking others to do it for them
  12. No1997

    Worked on my modelling skills

    @themars leecher
  13. No1997

    Battlefield 3 inspired Aek_971(WIP)

    Great model and textures! Just one question, where's the spec?
  14. No1997

    Worked on my modelling skills

    How do you intend to improve your modelling skills with "basic" models? Maybe try some high poly stuff to add details etc, that's the real art with modelling. I like the textures tho
  15. No1997

    Music Water.

    How did you make those lighting effects? (those khz bars in the background)