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  1. Im alright with making maps but im working on a different project right now and its actually going to be a pretty long project but possibly later on i could help you guys out?
  2. bad ass. haha. lay out looks nice but it needs more color and small objects such as barells boxes ect
  3. If you are interested in helping me and a couple other guys out on a game we are making then let me know. Really the only thing we need right now is someone that can model organic stuff and objects like people. if you are interested then talk to me on skype skype: sk84life2672
  4. i dont know what you mean by that but in the unity online asset store there is a model of a few romen pillars and a base.
  5. Yeah i prefer C# C# is what i first started learning but all the other 2 people that im doing a project with are using js so i thought it would be better if i could learn js
  6. Thats sweet lookin haha thanks
  7. this one worked the best for me: var lifetime = 1.0; function Start () { Destroy (gameObject, lifetime); } i know its something simple but im just learning java script
  8. i need a script that will destory a game object after a few seconds it spawns (otherwise a bunch of the objects will build up and make the game lag). im looking for something that will destory an object with a time variable. (such as, destorying a ball after 5 seconds after its spawned) something like that.
  9. no i already found the answer but thanks. you can save it as a .dae file then import it into unity then import it into unity haha
  10. Hey guys as you know my website used to be http://www.unitygamecreations.webs.com but now that we have a company name "D3stiny Games" we made a new site. we also created a forum page that you guys are free to comment on if youd like. We are working together with "Dimensional Games". here are the links: D3stiny Games: http://www.d3stinygames.webs.com D3stiny Games Forum: http://www.d3stinygamesforum.webs.com Dimensional Games: http://www.dimensionalgames.webs.com
  11. Looks real nice. I can't believe I look over this the first time and didn't even think to get it. But it looks like something cool to mess with. Once again, thanks oma
  12. Thank you those boxes will look real nice with my post office building I'm making
  13. alright cool deal. ill check you guys out
  14. nice nice haha i didnt play much but i beat it on easy xD
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