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  1. Hey guys, I found a great contest Motorola is hosting atm (at least Motorola Germany). You have to post a picture showing your city in a colorful nature. The best 10 pictures, receiving most Facebook Likes will get the new Moto X. I'd really appreciate if you take a look and like my picture. Link to the competition: http://www.app-helper.com/imagevoting/index.php?noscroll=1&PHPSESSID=209ec5562350277c2e36e7272a18598cef40eafc-PID-522201814538302# Link to my Pic: http://www.app-helper.com/imagevoting/index.php?noscroll=1&PHPSESSID=209ec5562350277c2e36e7272a18598cef40eafc-PID-522201814538302&item_detail=35468
  2. If I'm not motivated enought I watch some animes (or some episodes of your favourite series). They help me a lot. But you need to keep attention not watchig it the whole time. If that doesn't work try taking a break for a day or two.
  3. Update! Another weapon model: Gewehr 41: Polys: 1834 Verts: 1925 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rlhvpdv89idz5ln/Gewehr%252041.rar
  4. Hey guys! Today I'm releasing some of my World War 2 weapon models I made. All of them are untextured, but some of them already have a UVW map (you may need to redo some UVW maps). Note: You can't use them for commercial projects, because I'm using the student version of 3ds Max. Luger P08: Polys: 3056 Verts: 2774 Note: This is the only exeption, because I started texturing it (not in the screen, but in the .rar) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kxtkj5qtxn420ye/Luger%20P08.rar Machinenpistole 40: Polys: 2433 Verts: 2856 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g16w86q5g4g9ufo/MP%252040.rar Gewehr 41: Polys: 1834 Verts: 1925 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rlhvpdv89idz5ln/Gewehr%252041.rar More models will follow later!
  5. MSI GE60 Gaming Laptop OS: Windows 8.1 Screen: 15.6" Full HD (1920x1080) CPU: i7-3610QM 3.3 GHz 8GB RAM 1600 MHz GPU: nVIDIA Geforce GTX660M 2GB DX 11.1
  6. The scale of the second one looks more realistic, but I like the first explosion more.
  7. Looks really nice, but I think the texture should be a bit darker (maybe even black not gray?).
  8. Reduced the polycount to 6000.
  9. It's a model I made in 3ds Max. I'll update the first post later and post a new link. Edit: Do you ask if the reference I used was a real weapon or just a design??
  10. What about this version of the sniper???
  11. I know I was just asking if your light khaki is something like this Edit: And I thougt a UVW Map is only required if you want to add details ( for example this Part of the Texture there and the other part there,...) 3ds max always requires a uvw map modifier but not a texture created with a uvw map
  12. Something like that? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-j2NQ93ePdt4/TXu-UzVbuxI/AAAAAAAAAFg/0ZoLGfX9BKE/s1600/real_marpat.png
  13. OK So what about a digital camo (maybe desert,arctic??) What kind of camouflage you would like to see?
  14. Yeah like I said I am not that great in making textures. So which parts of the texture you don't like?? Maybe you can give me some advice that I can improve it?
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