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  1. Just a small ship im going to place in a harbor in the RPG game my company is working on (link below). ITS NOT DONE. Ive worked on it about 4 hours up to this point. I'm using Google Sketchup Pro. Anyway, I will not release this due to the fact that it is going to be in my game. Constructive criticism welcome.
  2. ashphil97

    M9 Knife

    Just a simple knife i made in google sketchup for the current game I am working on, so it will not be released to the public. Constructive criticism is welcome, but dont hate. its the first 3d model ive ever done.
  3. ashphil97

    please help!!!

    yeah after i posted this i realized it also exports a folder that has the materials in it, but thanks anyway.
  4. ashphil97

    please help!!!

    When i export my models out of sketchup as an FBX file the Materials do not show up in Unity. What is the problem and how do i fix it?? Please help me!
  5. Hey check out this website. We are looking for a Scripter and we need people to help with our games we are making. One is an FPS and the other is an RPG. Also add me on skype if u have one. http://unitygamecreations.webs.com/ Skype: youknowwho97
  6. ashphil97

    Steyr Aug

    looks nice. when its finished my growing team would thankfully use it in our game we are working on.
  7. ashphil97

    PaintBall WIP

    this looks sweet i hope u can get a beta version out soon. looks like it will be a great game. good luck!
  8. We are currently working on an fps and rpg game, both possibly mmo. We need people that have knowledge in scripting. We also need someone that is good with editing 3D person characters and importing them into unity. We are also looking for people that are good with gun creation (fps) and mid-evil weapon creation (rpg). If you would be willing to help email me at ashphil97@yahoo.com or go to the link below and register on the site. Only join if you are serious about helping!! http://unitygamecreations.webs.com/ skype: youknowwho97 add me nowww!!!
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