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  1. Hey All, I'm currently in the process of making a cheesy 80s action short film (Inspired by Kung Fury). And there's a few scenes that require a little CGI work. For example, we need a Ferrari Testarossa driving on an 80s style neon grid with multiple camera angles. I made up a quick proof of concept in Adobe Premiere and uploaded it to YouTube. Here it is. If you'd like to get some work in your portfolio, or just want to help out a little guy fulfill his dream, then lets get in contact! I am willing to pay, but because of the nature of it being a very low budget production, I can't promise a whole lot. We already have the Ferrari car model, but just need someone to animate it and place it in the neon grid environment like I explained before. You can use any software you'd like, we just need it rendered with a video file we can use in After Effects. Thanks for looking! If you personally cannot model/animate/render, but you know someone who can, please get them to message me! Thanks again.
  2. Indie Brain Studio

    The Weeknd

    His music video for "Starboy" is much better imo
  3. Hey all, So I'm working on an "open world" car game for Android/iOS that features a whole variety of cars and has working multiplayer. The only problem that I have ran into thus far is I'm terrible at designing levels, especially ones for a game like this where players will be driving around in it. I need someone who can create a mobile-optimized terrain with a city or two, with country roads and the whole shebang. There are several car games on the app store that have worlds that can be explored with a variety of assets, and I'd like to have my game feature a similar idea. This game will have a lot of hype around it, and I can give you a percentage of revenue earned from the app, but please understand that that won't be for another 2 months or so, because the game is still in it's early stages. So if you'd like to help out, I'd really appreciate it. I've purchased modular town 3d model packs on the Asset Store that I can share with you so you can construct the map.
  4. Indie Brain Studio

    Final DayZ - Zombie Survival (Source Code) (iOS & Android)

  5. Hey all, I'm deciding to sell the source code to my hit game, Final DayZ. It was on Google Play's Top Charts in 2014 for about two weeks, and generated me over $3,000 in revenue from installs and ads. I had people make YouTube lets plays and forums were created to spread the game, it was big! I'm offering the ENTIRE game's source code to anyone that would like a jump start on their open world zombie survival game. The source is from Unity 4, so the UI is aged, but the game still runs perfectly. I'm asking $30 for the project, seeing as this game has a massive potential again if it was updated. I still get reviews on Google Play with people wanting an update with other things added, but I just don't have the time since I'm working on a new game. Any assets in the project that I bought will be replaced with placeholders in respect for their authors. If you're interested, just comment below and I'll find a way to set up the transaction. Thank you! Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evilcubegames.finaldays Screenshot of the total sales: http://imgur.com/wtpkEyT Screenshot of the Google Play ranking: http://imgur.com/KRffoB1
  6. Indie Brain Studio

    Creating a "Hill Climb Racing" style game for mobile, need help!

    I will DM you with what I have so far. I just don't want anyone stealing my concept
  7. Hey all, So I'm currently working on a new mobile game. The extremely popular game "hill climb racing" has inspired me to create a game with a similar style, but with a LOT more features that will surely bring the game to the top charts. I am looking for someone with pretty advanced JS/C# knowledge, as many of the tasks will demand such skills. We will be building the game to iOS/Android, both of which i have licensing for, and we might build the game to Unity Webplayer as well. There will be pay, and depending on the popularity of the game, we are looking at $0-$1,000,000+ I've been a mobile developer for a while now, and one of my games got into theTtop 200 on Google Play, so I know how to run the market and how to monetize properly, it's just that the features I'm looking to add are out of my range of skill. If you're interested in such a job, please feel free to comment below or DM me, I'll describe my goal for this game in greater detail then. Thanks!
  8. Indie Brain Studio

    Warfare³ - Zombie survival [Early Access]

    You should make the weapons blocky to match the style of zombies. Overall looks great! Splendid work mate
  9. Indie Brain Studio

    Need Graphics Artist for App!

    Hey everybody! I'm creating a game similar to Hill Climb Racing (On iOS/Android), and I need an experienced graphics artist to create some 2d vehicles for the game! I will pay fairly and according to what you're able to do. Email me @ evilcubegames@gmail.com to talk business, thanks! If you won't know what Hill Climb Racing is, here's the Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fingersoft.hillclimb&hl=en
  10. Indie Brain Studio

    Copy Cats unity fps kit.

    Don't forget: Bill Gates copied code for Windows, Mark Zuckerberg copied code for FaceBook, Steve Jobs copied ideas from other companies for Apple. That's just how it is.
  11. Indie Brain Studio

    Cloudamo - Filesharing & Storage (Seeking Beta Testers)

    Count me in!
  12. Indie Brain Studio

    25$ to share a game on Google Store

    Google Play charges a $25 one-time fee for a developer account. You have to spend money to make money!
  13. Indie Brain Studio

    Retro 8-Bit Infinite Runner Game for iOS/Android

    You have a good point, I'll set one up when i get home from school! Thanks for the link!
  14. Indie Brain Studio

    Retro 8-Bit Infinite Runner Game for iOS/Android

    Hey all, I'm selling the source code to one of my apps. It's a retro style 8-bit infinite runner that can be found on the Google Play store here. I'm only asking $10 USD for it. Your purchase includes: - The source code with all scripts, audio, and art assets (ALL ROYALTY FREE FOR YOU TO USE) - Full customer support - Constant updates The source code is ready for your Unity Ads and Social Plugin integration, with all code present. Due to Unity Ads constant updates, you will need to import it yourself. Since the app was made in Unity 4 but updated to work flawlessly with Unity 5, there is no implementation of Unity's new GUI system, but I will implement it soon if I get enough requests. All of the code is in JS, and is heavily commented, so even the most newbie of JS programmer will be able to add his or her own code with ease! Because I am very busy with my job and school, I'm not able to make any detailed documentation or tutorial videos. I can, however, help you out with anything you need after you buy the asset, you will be my priority! Since I do not use any services to sell my assets due to fees and such, just send the $10 USD to my PayPal and link me your email. You will receive the download for the .unitypackage within 6 hours. I AM WORKING ON A MORE SECURE PAYMENT METHOD! Stay tuned! My PayPal Email: evilcubegames@gmail.com Please comment below if you're purchasing so I can keep a record, thanks! While you're checking out the Google Play link, why not check out some of my other games? One was on the top charts of Google Play for a week!
  15. Indie Brain Studio

    Minecraft Like Game (Multiplayer Included)

    This is a free project you can download online. Why are you trying to sell it when you aren't the original creator? Please excuse my last comment, the screenshots just looked similar to a free kit that can be found online. My mistake.