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    playing computer games,going out with my friends and chilling out to music. I Wright my own books. the best book is the one that comes from your mind.
    Also working on a small web Project.
  1. Glad to see this still been worked on and updated.
  2. Haha I guess that one way to put it I am more a modeler than coder I thought I'd try to set up the multiplayer side of it fist be for doing anything ells as I was all ways told that models can act differently online to off line so I wanted to get ahead of that issue by making the MP lobby work first then Drop the models in after set them up. But you might be right maybe am Running be for I walk little here?
  3. In a nut shell yes and I got it working well with the Demo that pun give you but I can't code very well I can make 3d models fairly well its coding and getting things set up am no good at I like the fps kit as it use Both FPS camera And Buggy for players to drive. So I am hoping to try and add pun to the fps kit so that I can show some friends I work with an idea for a game later I want to make but for now just set up an asset server with FPS as fps models need higher res and take more work so my friends can look at them see what wrong in MP setting and then hopefully tweek them. I use the Buggy car set up for my Mech so a Player can walk up look at it go up the platform and get in and drive. The issues am having is the demo of pun is brilliant and has mostly every I need but I can not seem to merge tool to work so I can port all the Fps kit and code into the Pun demo and set things up or MP from the get go? EDIT: I'll try and make a video show what issue am having and what I am after.
  4. So I have managed to get pun working very well in the demo and even started to put a demo of what am after but a small issue with merge tool and oma kits I have removed all the stuff That OMA in the kit like guns and things I just wanted his cars and world to test stuff like the buggy I turned into my mech the idea is using his kit FPS the player can walk around look at the models and get in and out of them nothing more latter I aim to add in the Free for all stuff and players being able to shoot. Issues I get. No supported Asset Server diff tools were found. Please install one of the following tools: - SourceGear DiffMerge - TkDiff - P4Merge - TortoiseMerge - WinMerge - PlasticSCM Merge - Beyond Compare 4 UnityEditorInternal.InternalEditorUtility:INTERNAL_CALL_SceneViewDrag(Object, Vector3&, Vector2&, Boolean) UnityEditorInternal.InternalEditorUtility:SceneViewDrag(Object, Vector3, Vector2, Boolean) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/editor/InternalEditorUtilityBindings.gen.cs:200) UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI() Am new to all this so has anyone got idea what am doing wrong I look at kit i have on my wish list little high priced at the moment. Some screen shots https://imgur.com/a/rjUWF <--- pic of what I am doing so far. https://i.imgur.com/4YZ2w8S.gifv <----- Gif of the mech https://imgur.com/lir5Had https://imgur.com/0t1o5Wn https://imgur.com/U9UK5c6
  5. I feel so stupid for this after posting this and getting the Plugin set up I did not see it come with Demos for you to take a look at am starting to learn it now and get sorting working hopefully soon. I managed to get the workman demo setup But I cant seem to get the plugin to work with OMA kit might have to play around with it.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/rjUWF <--- pic of what I am doing so far. https://i.imgur.com/4YZ2w8S.gifv <----- Gif of the mech I have been following this video but its very dated = Hi am working on a very simple Mech racer using OMA FPS kit so player can get in and out of the mechs all is going well but I can not for the live of me get this Photon thing to work most video I find are out of date. I wanted to get the online side sorted so I can focuse the game models to be sync to lobby for players. I have removed most all the stuff That OMA had guns and cars just world and other stuff like the buggy I turned into my mech. Does anyone know of a package I can look at to see how to set up simple lobby where play can join and move about nothing more just so two people can see each other and move about the world. Little new to this so might be jumping in backwards. Any help or tips would be grate.
  7. Very cool reminds of Of OFP trainning zone from the old days, very good fella look forward to try it out someday.
  8. Hello am not sure if you are still looking for a voice for you're game but id like to try out. Blow is a link to a clip of my voice should you find the tone of voice is what you are after feel free to contact me. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0N7q3RrvTXFbGxYRmJhSHJQdVU/view?usp=sharing Also am not sure if google doc links are aloud to be posted but was the easy way to get the voice clip online for me. Regards Falcos
  9. Ah i see such a shame as its amazing work and would loved to used it as base for a game am planing to make for my website. Do you know of anything that supported in the same way? iv'e been looking into this photon networking but am not very good at the setting up but seem to be good system.
  10. I got the download seem to work fine for me the issue am having is Assets/Scripts/Misc/MainMenu.cs(183,21): error CS1061: Type `UnityEngine.Component' does not contain a definition for `RPC' and no extension method `RPC' of type `UnityEngine.Component' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference? This happned after I following the fix Replace MainMenu.cs and replace FixThings.cs. I test it be for I added the fix and it worked fine I was abloe to load up and run a local server but when I made a build and sent the files to friend to try out we can not join each other so how does one get to work over the internet not local? Other then this very good and amazing work.
  11. Just found this little thing so cool well done awesome job. The only issue am having is am using verson 5.5.0f3 and am getting. Assets/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonHandler.cs(152,13): error CS0103: The name `Profiler' does not exist in the current contextAssets/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonHandler.cs(154,13): error CS0103: The name `Profiler' does not exist in the current contextAssets/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonHandler.cs(172,17): error CS0103: The name `Profiler' does not exist in the current contextAssets/Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonHandler.cs(174,17): error CS0103: The name `Profiler' does not exist in the current context Now to fix this I try to add using UnityEngine.Profiling; should have fixed it but its not
  12. I saw this and the first thing that came to mind was Altis Life / Life mods if someone could pull that off with this in a web browser's I would love to try and make something like that as ArmA tools are aids lol. Nice work on this look forward to using it if its like the Altis life version should not be too hard to get working.
  13. Hello everyone My name is Falcos and iv been playing with few ideas for game id like to put together but Id like to know how feasible the idea would be? Unity as we all know is a powerful engine in the right hands and so Id like to push its Web based games to there limit. I would like to make a GTA / MMO style game where players can meet and do as they want from a web browser this would not be some simple GTA Clone I use the GTA name as a refinance to the game-play I would want the game to be like as sandbox type game, However My GTA is more a social game than gun play part. Id like to give the player a choice of jobs/events to do. Now that iv told you a little of what am after how feasible is the idea am after. Can unity handle and do this? Now be for I get ahead of my self or another point's this is out this type of game does need high level Models/scripts/Animation/ And So.... I fully understand this am more interested how Unity can handel lets say 20 people all in trucks driving or mix of trucks and people flying planes. Any and all ideas and thoughts are welcome no matter how harsh you think you are being I.e telling me this is dumb don't do it or waste of time and so on. after all this is a feasibility study to see if i should start this project or let it die now be for I put any money into this.
  14. thanks I think ill try the offtopick one that you said and see how it goes,
  15. Basically Id like to know where on the site can post about a game idea I have and how fees-able it is to do. am not looking to start a team or Dev group just looking were I can post the idea and gain people's insight to how it would work or if I should stop be for I go any more. Any help would be brilliant thanks,
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