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  1. Yeah I saw that thread but that guy didn't explain anything... Also it is in java what makes me more confused. This is my own try to make it out: public GameObject particles; void OnCollisionEnter(Collision col) { Instantiate(particles, col, Quaternion.identity); } but it spawned particles on the center of the collided object (I know, cuz of second variable - col) so I tried something else like: public GameObject particles; void OnCollisionEnter(Collision col) { Instantiate(particles, this.transform.position, Quaternion.identity); } But well.. Yeah it spawns from the center of the stone (I just had hope to get some better effect... Just an experiment) and in addition it directs particles in wrong way.
  2. Hello there. I would like to make a script that will be attached to the falling stone object. So after it fall down and hit the ground it has to create a crack effect on the hit place. I know I have to use raycast here but this is totaly new thread to me so I'm looking for some tutorial... Can You guys recommend me some good tutorial about it? May be (Or even would be better) based on something similar to my problem. Best regards, Me.
  3. Hello there! Today my problem is: just read the thread Here is my code (it is a bit long): As You can see, Main menu and Game have their own menu windows... So when I change something in Menu, it will not be saved in Pause one. How could I just use one type of menu for every scene? Also, there is one more problem with position of Menu while changing resolution. And well.... Fullscreen doesn't work good too, because I have to check Fullscreen and choose some resolution to make it work. And well, when I want to turn back to windowed mode, I have to do the same thing, but I can't use the same resolution like before, but another one. Best regards, Dr Comet.
  4. Hello everyone! I wonder if soeone else got this problem before... The problem is canonic (or canonian/canonical - I'm not sure which version of word ) quality of my background and in-game music. I tried converting to .ogg, setting doppler to 0... I just checked many options, but still my music sounds terrible. Does anyone know how to fix it? Unity 4.2.1 Best regards, Dr Comet
  5. Thank You So... Does anyone know what could solve my problem?
  6. If so, could be nice if some moderator move it to correct section, because I'm not sure where to post problem like this.
  7. I'm making some project with my friend. I asked him to do underwater effect and swimming while I make whole Menu. And well, he got problem because in tutorial he watched, the guy made box collider for some water, which had slowing role > So when You enter to water, You will move much slower, just like in water. And the script for it doesn't work. I made script I posted above on my PC, just to check if it is fine and at start it worked well, but later it just stopped it by unknown reason. And that's my problem now...
  8. Hello everyone! Today I have a very interesting thing for You! I've made a Cube with slow-movement collider script. Just this one: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class SlowlyCube : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject player; void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col) { if(col.tag == "Player") { player.GetComponent<CharacterMotor>().movement.maxForwardSpeed = 1; } } } Well, it was just experiment because of my friend who had the same problem I actually have - This script somehow doesn't work. I assigned Player to the GameObject, isTrigger checked... And it worked... For a while. Cuz later, when I gone to check what's going on on his PC, and then came back to my one, I noticed it stopped work... I tried to make New Project but it didn't help... Any suggestions what the actually hell happened there? P.S: By the ,,stopped work" I mean there is not any error, but just doesn't change ForwardSpeed anymore
  9. Nah, seems like it is too hard for me to do it myself at my current level... Well I'll just leave it for later.
  10. ArmedUnity sounds to me like Prepared for programming in Unity...
  11. Thanks for Your assistance I will write here when I get some problems again.
  12. Well actually I said I'm just a beginner so I don't understand most of Your words... Calum, my character is just a capsule for now, because I'm focusing on character control already. The last thing left to do is to add sound while moving. Well I have also another problem with my crawling script. Seems like it somehow collides with the crouching one, but it's not that important for now. Thank You for Your tips guys but I really need some tutorial/script for this thing... Calum, if You got some good tutorial about how to make that event (I can always make some character and animations for it), would be great if You post link here
  13. Hello everyone! I'm a beginner with Unity (Already working on 4.2.1 version - got 4.6.1 too) and C# and I'm looking around for some very good advanced footstep tutorial. I don't want to use already prepared kits cuz I could propably have problem with match scripts from kit with my own project. Also tutorial would be better because I could learn something new. This is my current very basic footstep script: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Footstep : MonoBehaviour { CharacterController cc; // Use this for initialization void Start () { cc = GetComponent<CharacterController>(); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if(cc.isGrounded == true && cc.velocity.magnitude > 2f && audio.isPlaying == false && Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W)) { audio.volume = Random.Range(0.8f,1); audio.pitch = Random.Range(0.8f,1.1f); audio.Play(); } } } I would like to make something like depending on surface but I'm totally confused how it even works, so that's why I'm asking for tutorial (If You have just a script it is fine, I will somehow understand what's going on there). Best regards, DrComet.
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