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  1. thugz357

    Fps Maps

    Didn't know where to post this so if this is in the wrong place am sorry dose any one know where i can find some free fps maps ? Thanks Thugz
  2. thugz357

    OUYA ODK Set up

    i need some help adding the OUYA Dev Kit to my game if some one knows could you help me out ? http://www.ouya.tv/develop/ Thanks
  3. grat job but looks alot like FPS Constructor
  4. Working with my game on OUYA :)

  5. i think the scale of the map is a bit to big other than that looks good
  6. "The file you attempted to download is an archive that is damaged or possibly encrypted. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of broken or encrypted archives and the limit for this file has been reached." cant download it . Upload to drop box
  7. thugz357

    Unity 3d Xbox 360

    i have unity 3d V4 and have license type for all of the building option when i try and build my game for xbox 360 it says "Xbox 360 play is not supported in this build. download a build that is supports it." i have a XDK so i can play the game a edit it on my xbox. but i just cant get it to build any idea how i can sort this out?
  8. its not think like the Example game has any one got the full Example game project ??
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