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fps fan

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  1. fps fan

    Sword fight

    Try this http://tf3dm.com/3d-models/weapons
  2. It seems my English is too bad to understand a local's English.
  3. I think maybe you should remove the picture,I have difficulty reading your reply just because of the awful picture!
  4. Hi guy,why you want to create a server in photon,I think let player host a room is great and enough!
  5. Nice answer,we should not consider about that,what matters is just to know how to use it.By the way,the picture is fantastic.
  6. I surely know I can use it in Start or Awake,I just want to know thw deep reason why I can not use it like this,outside any function,please.
  7. public class Menu : MonoBehaviour { private string roomName = "Room"+Random.Range(0,1000); } I want to know why I can not use random.range like this,please explain it deeply,I can not understand,though I searched a lot.
  8. fps fan


    It seems it's really difficult.But I am only interested in muti fps,so it's a long way.
  9. fps fan

    fps script

    I advise you add some notes and explain the use case.
  10. So unity answers is not for specific project but only simply question about basic unity knowledge?
  11. B is child of A,I want to rotate B align A's X axis at 30 degrees,how to do that?Below is my attempt,which has a very small angle error: Vector3 localRotation = b.localRotation.eulerAngles; b.localRotation = Quaternion.Euler(localRotation.x, 0, 0); Vector3 temp = b.localRotation.eulerAngles; temp.x += 30; b.localRotation = Quaternion.Euler(temp.x, localRotation.y, localRotation.z);
  12. fps fan

    PUN connection

    Ok,I am sure I found the question,the version"0.0" maybe the problem,what's the rule of the version name,I did not found it in the doc.
  13. fps fan

    PUN connection

    In China,google has been blocked!
  14. Now I'm thinking about what's the best way to sync fps game.Generally,for a fps game,the main thing we should sync is transform and animation(currently do not consider fire,reload,interaction etc.).For transform,it seems easy:just pull the transform component into the NetworkView component.But actually,this way does not take smoothness into consideration,when you run the game,the movement of the character looks rigid.Since I'm a beginner of PUN,please tell me what's the best and simplest way to sync transform,without writing much code(this is what PUN should do,right?).Besides,there comes about sync animation.For animation,I think we should not directly sync animation.In my project,I expect to just sync transform and animation state,the animation state means the player's state,in detail,normal(stand),jump,crouch,proneness.since there is only 4 states,we can just use a byte parameter to represent it.We can calculate the appropriate animation the character should play based on the change of transform,and according to the animation state parameter,we can decide when to switch the standing animation to crouch animation.SO I think maybe this is the best way to sync animation,which can save much bandwidth.SO what's you idea,which way do you think is the best to sync animation?Hope you reply!
  15. fps fan

    PUN connection

    Anyone can answer my question?Don't be shy!
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