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  1. When i use Rpc in c# i will get this error! warning CS0618: `UnityEngine.RPC' is obsolete: `NetworkView RPC functions are deprecated. Refer to the new Multiplayer Networking system.' this is the code what i use. nView.RPC("GetServerDetails", s.sender, Network.connections.Length, serverName); [RPC] public void GetServerDetails(int players, string server_Name) { serverName = server_Name; playersOnline = players; Network.Disconnect(); Debug.Log("Found server."); } I hope someone can help my with this problem!
  2. Thank you verry mutch i will try this methode Thanks!
  3. This is Wa us soldier from asset store, with some edits in 3dsmax
  4. Hello, i need some help with Character trough too walls fix, i have try alot of things but all failed! i hope someone can help my, is there any script thats detect walls and return character to ... distance from the wall.
  5. Looks Awesome like from my
  6. Looks nice good job nice rendering
  7. Hello, im trying to get footsteps sounds by distance if player walking away the sound need to be lower. I hope someone can help my with this.
  8. Im searching too for it, Maby you mean Rooms? CreateRooms etc
  9. Does this project use php for database connection or c#?
  10. Thank you for the reply, im searching for Photon not for Bolt network.
  11. Hello, im trying to integrate photon network in Realistic fps prefab, but it fails all the time. :: What i need - fully player in network, movement and camera etc. - that other players see the bootcamp body no weapon. - And fully world objects moves over network. - All what for local player is included need integrate for Photon Networks. I will pay 50 euros for it with Paypall.
  12. what version of unity u use i have errors
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