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  1. How can i place multiple trees when they have scripts on them.

    Good question! Sadly I believe its impossible to have a script attached to the tree, and still have the script working on the terrain. However their are a few "prefab painting tools" on the asset store that allow you to do this. This one for example: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/21321
  2. Low Poly Environment Assets | Updated!

    Sorry, I've been inactive for a while, But yes, you can use them :3, No credit has to be given either, but would b appreciated.
  3. Hello world!

    Welcome to AU!
  4. Sorry you're getting so much hate for this asset, I've watched your videos on this and it looks really great!
  5. Off Road Racing Kit

    Okay, thanks for the help
  6. Off Road Racing Kit

    So is this okay to use in my game?
  7. Soulreafer here

  8. Version 1


    Hello! This is a new version of the Low Poly Environment assets I uploaded a while ago, The old one I only updated to Unity 4. However, this one is compatible with Unity 5, if you are still using Unity 4, the old one is still available This package contains: 2 Tree types, 2 Pine tree types, 4 rocks, and a lily pad, Feel free to use these assets for any of your projects! I also made a Speed Level Design video using these assets! Here is the link to it:
  9. Low Poly Environment Assets

    I plan on updating it
  10. Low Poly Environment Assets

    Version 1.1


    A bundle of low-poly environment 3D models, I am planning to update this package and add more 3D models. This Package Has, 4 trees, 3 rocks, a rock wall, And a rock arch. Feel free to use this in any of you're projects.