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danish operator

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    In a forgotten place in northeast of south america
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    learn scripting,modelling,developing,and live a good life as a real danish

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  1. sweet lord of heaven! this fella is still doing this thing, STOP IT ALREADY!!
  2. so you think that you are just going to throw bad quality models (and everything else) for the sake of being unique, do you think that is just develop a bad project and you will have 1000000$ just waiting for ya to grab, do you think that is just doing this to become rich, you need to wake up, cause life is not like this, game development is not like this, like any other thing in life it takes patience, perseverance, faith and maturity, i´ve been studing unity and unreal for years and i´m NOT a milionaire, aside from the projects i´m working on i´m also studing hard, working hard to supply the needs of my family, why? because i know better than nobody that no victory comes without sacrifice, so GROW UP GODDAMMIT !
  3. give me a text to work with and i´ll be ready !
  4. one man can make a difference in this world, if you can´t find a team do it yourself, simple like that.
  5. humm.... i like your indie style, fine work.
  6. new year, damn old problems

  7. i understand ya my friend, thank you for everything, d.o out
  8. @Madmax download makehuman if ya want to survive the apocalipse... or not.
  9. thank you lads, ya just helped to give one more step foward to my world domination plan.
  10. great but, where is the front sigth ?
  11. for a first model ya are not half bad keed it up!
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