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  1. Also they probably don't work with his kit
  2. I'm using his kit, which was made for unity 4
  3. I Need a simple aircraft controller script, like the helicopter, but for a plane, and just simple variables not like all the game objects on the Heli. I want it simple, but not too simple. This way we can use it for many different aircraft types. Link to your profile/ name in credits will be in game. Don't bother commenting to complain or anything besides a snippet of code, and possible video. it would be pointless. Thanks for the help Using: unity 4 Free/Indie unrealistic is fine, easier to control. Something like a mod for the kit, not from assets store. they are all made to be controllers for the aircraft being the main character, not a jump in and out kinda thing, like the helicopter script.
  4. camera is renendering everything, but thats not the issue, the issue is that the second camera is taking over the main player camera, i have unity free
  5. I have everything else working, i just need to know how to set a camera back to the main camera. the sniper has a camera used to change the scope lens material so it looks real. but the second camera keeps trying to take over as main camera. any ideas besides disabling the camera. it is needed for the gun scope.
  6. i'm trying to do the same thing, but i cant get the texture on my scope, my script ideas are running out, and my patience in running thin, can someone help me with the script, and do i just disable the camera component on the second camera, because it keeps taking over. Also, i'm in unity 4, and not pro.
  7. I have no idea what you mean, ik the video is bad, but it runs fine on my PC, and I only have 8 GB of ram
  8. I have no idea why, but i actually tried to go in the building, mesh is literally retarded, only can be used as out of map detail or main menu items. btw i used the cube, used Ctrl + r to make lines, then used Ctrl + e to extrude parts of it. so there are not 80 different mesh files, but apparently blender does not like my ways! , can u link a good tut?
  9. I know how to print screen, but im not wasting upload space for a picture that you have to click a link to go to anyway
  10. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pu3v278pnz2erem/Building%203.blend?dl=0 Simple building, needs textured, can be used for simple non in game purposes such as, main menu background detail, or out of map detail, whatever you want. No credit needs to be given, i did make it, free for commercial use. IMAGE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzxnqljyir2f12s/Screenshot%202015-05-09%2015.10.05.png?dl=0 similar to some in OMA's fps game
  11. Where small game designers,or small companies can meet to show off their games, and colaborate, this could also include large buisnesses looking for interns or imploies. there would also be competions like game design in a certain time frame, or 3d modeling, or best image editing/texturing. thought this would be awesome. sorry for spelling errors, on my tablet, no spell-check
  12. Making a new Scene, battlefield style map

  13. I Honestly am decent at coding, your right though im am only 15, also typically speaking the scale goes 0-Man i suck 2.5-decient 5- avarage 7.5- Good 10- Great
  14. Cool Thanks! Also what games do you play on steam?
  15. open blender, apply a smooth edges to it. I did not smooth it because the game I had made using it you couldent tell, plus it is a simple model. more like something you would see in unturned, but since its a free model, if the person patches it up, adds a detailed texture, you would not be able to tell if you use a good shader on it.
  16. He probibly has better things todo
  17. This is a decently simple model, made entirely by me, free for any purpose. Download: Here Made for just a simple seamless metal texture, not anything fancy. IMAGE HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7trct3xnapp6967/Screenshot%202015-05-06%2020.54.59.png?dl=0
  18. Also as a side note, im working on a website with free maps for unity, uning all free assets, its just a simple site on webs.com because I have no money, but Im sure it will be very usefull. I will try to get others to send me maps as well to post there. Just telling you if you want to make more levels in the future, when it is at a useable version, i will send you link.
  19. This is not in a unity package, but you can open it and make it one. Here is a decently simple map i made with assets from the store, free to use, should be uploaded soon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mx7oxmsbstpixn2/map%20project.zip?dl=0
  20. Well, it really depends if he is making a fps game as a base for the guy to improve on, like a kit, or just a full on game
  21. This package includes everything shown on my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLk_c97S3-_rJUNt3RGX0FQ some things it includes: -perk system -random weapon box -multiplayer beta -multiple maps -Weapon Upgrade system -and more DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gw36pnidmkyhfyp/ZombiesGame.zip?dl=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzlKVfw1gCE -sry for lag in the videos Note this is a "mod" of oma's Fps kit, and is for personal uses only.
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