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  1. Make the box/cube a child object to the robot. Did that help?
  2. Will you upload source code?
  3. Lol... How is it shit if your are using it on the post??? Hahaha xD
  4. I have a license for them, I will be the one to put them it
  5. I can help I got nothing to do right now. I also have some good models I purchased from The Game Creators, we can use those if you want
  6. No I didn't..... Im broke xD
  7. So, for the longest time I have wanted to develop iOS Apps, but because I don't have a MAC and Im not rich so i can't buy one.. I chose the lazy way out I downloaded a version of MAC OSX Snow Leopard off ThePirateBay and used a program to run it Im actually writing this post using the Virtual Machine right now PROS OF HAVING IT - I can finally develop iOS Apps - I can do stuff Apple-relates - I can download MAC ONLY software CONS OF HAVING IT - Unity3D lags a lot in the project view, so I won't be using to develop the games, i will develop them on Windows first, then transfer them onto the OSX If you would like a tutorial on how to get Snow Leopard on your WINDOWS 7 machine, we can have a talk and I can see if your PC specs will allow Virtual Technology
  9. I completely agree, we were punks.
  10. It's not fake All 100% real sadly
  11. Nah, I just thought of the idea on my head.
  12. Yes, In self defense. Carson was running away from him and the man put his hand on Carsons shoulder.
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