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  1. steve0503

    imBrokeRU MP5SD animation donwload

    No, this is .max file.But you can convert it to .fbx using FBX convertor.
  2. steve0503

    Indie action FPS game

    Hello people! I'm in progress with a FPS game. This will gonna be a hard work for someone, or not. I will leave some prologue and options for the game under the line. ------------------------------------------ Title: 2053 Genre: Action FPS Prologue: This year is 2053. WGA(World Global Army) attacked San francisco, U.S. Kent is going to sent to battlefield before ending Training. This is chapter 1-Bootcamp prologue. I won't tell more prologue, because it will be a spoiler. About me -Real name: Steve Ryu -Age: 23 - Good at: Creating Stories, Basic Programming and easy modelling. WHICH SLOTS ARE EMPTY Programmers - Create script Animators - Make a animation for models and cutscene. Also make cutscenes Voice actor -20 ~ 25 years old male 0/4 -18~ 25 years old female 0/1 -30~ 35 years old male 0/1 -40~ 60 years old male 0/2 This was it, I tried to pull out as much as I could to you awesome people. For those who wanna hear more, email me. creeper0503@gmail.com Thanks and greetings. Steve Ryu
  3. steve0503


    I am a developer of one man company Realuty Gaming Studio. I'm developing FPS game world combat now.