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  1. i want to show other players that which weapon i am using thats why i am doing this all...!!!! i want to sync the selected weapon on my screen with the selected weapon other seeing my player holding...!!! i think u can understand now
  2. Hello all, from past 6 days i am trying to sync selected weapons over network in my game... but i failed... i am using AU Fps kit and its weapon manager... but i want to sync the selected weapon that others will see on my network character holding it... here is little try i did.. but failed...please help me..!!! Thanks #pragma strict class NetworkWeaponManager extends Photon.MonoBehaviour { private var P_Weapon : int; private var S_Weapon : int; public var weaponsInUse : GameObject[]; // used weapons, among which you can switch. public var weaponsInGame : GameObject[]; public var weaponToSelect : int; var pw : PhotonView; function Start () { if(PlayerPrefs.HasKey("Selected_P")) { P_Weapon = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Selected_P"); weaponsInUse[0] = weaponsInGame[P_Weapon]; } if(PlayerPrefs.HasKey("Selected_S")) { S_Weapon = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Selected_S"); weaponsInUse[1] = weaponsInGame[S_Weapon]; } DeselectWeapon(); } function FixedUpdate() { if (photonView.isMine) { weaponToSelect = ToSelect; DeselectWeapon(); } else { DeselectWeapon(); } } function DeselectWeapon(){ //Dectivate all weapon for (var i : int = 0; i < weaponsInUse.length; i++){ weaponsInUse[i].SetActive(false); } SelectWeapon(weaponToSelect); } function SelectWeapon (i : int) { //Activate selected weapon weaponsInUse[i].SetActive(true); // Debug.Log("WeaponSelected"); } private var ToSelect : int; function OnPhotonSerializeView ( stream : PhotonStream, info : PhotonMessageInfo ) { if (stream.isWriting){ stream.SendNext(weaponToSelect); } else { ToSelect = stream.ReceiveNext(); } } } i am not good at scripting.... my Local Weapon Manager assigns the weaponToSelect variable of NetworkWeaponManager like this Declared a variable var NetWorkWeapons : NetworkWeaponManager; Assigning Values function Update () { if (Input.GetButtonDown("1") && weaponsInUse.length >= 1 && canSwitch && weaponToSelect != 0) { DeselectWeapon(); weaponToSelect = 0; NetWorkWeapons.weaponToSelect = 0; } //calling function at NetworkWeaponManager to Deselect the weapon NetWorkWeapons.DeselectWeapon(); } Thanks in Advance
  3. is it possible to convert its menu to NGUI? i only want to display list of server into NGUI
  4. you better checkout my android FPS Game....!!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.raptor.trinity.gfzombies
  5. how did u imported CS map in Unity3D?
  6. jawad did u found any mobile 3d car racing game project??? i have created one for myself
  7. is there any car tutorial exist for mobile? btw i tried to compile Unity Car for android... that gives me lots of error
  8. Unity's Server Down can anyone change this kit into photon based?
  9. can anyone help me? i have a character with biped.. i want to attatch headlook controller to it.... how can i configure it?? btw the character is of my FPS game... i want to give it a functionality to look around on mouse move.... HELP
  10. make something like this javascript: function Update () { if(input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.//insert a key here or somthing//)){ animation.Play("Example"); networkView.RPC("PlayExampleAnimation", RPCMode.All); } } @RPC function PlayExampleAnimation () { animation.Play("Example"); } YOU NEED TO ADD A NETWORKVIEW ON THE GAMEOBJECT WHERE THIS SCRIPT WILL BE. you can simply do this by going to Component > Miscellanious > Network View and heres something more: RPCs and Networkviews are really important if you want to edit a game. if you want to learn how to use them, here are some links: RPC attribute http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/RPC.html RPC functions http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/net-RPCDetails.html network Views http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/class-NetworkView.html network view functions http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/NetworkView.html Another multiplayer example is the GTGD S1 tutorial on youtube, you can learn very much about it i hope i helped you That Method plays animations of opponent :-/ tried everything but cant fix it help plz
  11. bump.... why no one is replying me?
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