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  1. Official discount officially! Pylow at $ 1.99 https://store.steampowered.com/app/868920/Pylow/
  2. Thank you guys :D I announce that from today is a discount only for a few days, you can buy Pylow at a price of $ 1.99. Do not miss your chance, carpe diem;) PS. This is a recent gameplay : HERE
  3. Hello everyone, I am very happy today to present the Closed Alpha of Pylow The project is configured as a FPS Arena with frantic features, where the skills of the player are essential to overpower their opponents in the matches that will be played. The world is set in the near future where the technologies of virtuality had a drastic impact on the life of teens all over the world.To counteract this phenomenon of "involution" the global governments applied drastic measures: decreeing the complete illegality of any VR system. A follow-up of all habitual users of VR are forced to choose between one of two possible paths: to live in illegality, in order not to break away from a world in which it's possible to live eternal happiness, or to face reality as it presents itself. Over the years hacker groups implemented the aforementioned abandoned technologies and created the "Mind" Hamer ", a machine that allows different people to connect in a crash, where to vent all their rage and frustrations through extreme fighting. In a short time it became a global phenomenon even for those same entities who had previously banned its use. A turnover of clandestine bets that took advantage of poor people from all the world was making the most powerful people of the globe billions of dirty money. So "Mind Hammer" competitions were organized in order to decant the strongest fighters without pouring a drop of blood, or almost. The game actually makes the mind feel all that the character is subjected to, so when you die you really feel like you're dying. It’ll be possible to participate to the game in different ways (F4A, TDM, CTF ...) in which to test skills in fighting in Arenas. The graphics, which are very cartoonish, refer to an imaginary world where every fantasy becomes reality and anger becomes a weapon. You can look for weapons of all kinds that adapt to your tactical needs. For the rest, there's nothing left to do if not to understand if you have got the courage to look at and experience what you are afraid of the most... TRAILER Has the video intrigued you at least a little? If so know that you can subscribe to the closed alpha of the game directly from our website: www.codevstudio.altervista.org Registration is limited! Do not miss your chance;)
  4. You know what you mean, you were right to ask Thanks :D
  5. Yes you are right. Our goal is to begin to let us know, to gain fans and find people willing to help In the second update everything it will be replaced with the official content.
  6. Hello everyone today we present the first update of the game that we are developing with Unity 3D, DeadWay, the game is still a beginner, but we work hard to improve every day. Stay tuned!
  7. Hi guys, it's a long time that I wonder how you could make a gore system for zombies. Some of you know I help? I would like to understand the logic, how do I make a destructible character?
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone can tell me how to do the retarget animation with humanoid but not with a simple pair of arms. Thanks in advance!
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