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  1. nothing imported correctly no meshes, only 1/4 of the textures imported and all the scripts to my general knowledge are fine
  2. won't work with Unity 4.2 importing error
  3. how do you change the mouse from inverse to normal?
  4. Sailors" tribune: Revenge of the moon dolphins
  5. New Information: The game will be free world the whole goal will be to find a single key scattered in the massive world (4,000x4,000) The map itself will be divided into 3 sections the first is a city scape set on an island, the 2nd is grasslands, 3rd desert the biggest Each section will share unique components from stories and different times such as architecture like Victorian then modern Overall I want to have a dark atmosphere and story that feels real Scripts needed will not be listed until later If you want to help just send me a picture of the model and the model with some info so if I sell the game you can get some money and credit Anyone can help If you want to really get involved just pm me and we can talk so shalom -“Die wêreld sal floreer onder ons reël.”- -The great nation of Gwadoya
  6. I'm making a map of the world and upload it within the night
  7. How to set my gender on my profile

  8. How to set my gender on my profile

  9. Ya all are welcome just do what you can send me the package and you'll get credite or you can help me throughout the entire game and become a full on member tell me what you want to do and do it really

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