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  1. Where AnimationType in Unity5 ?
  2. berkan1

    Cs:s models

    cs: s weapons of how the application is transferred to unity? Is there something in the Internet but anlamıyorum.video? Language problem
  3. Weapon Custamization c# help ? project:Raknetkit
  4. berkan1

    Animation Help

    I do not know much about your language. Trying to explain the Google Translation Problem: I Unity 3d animation I made in the object while keeping the animation makes some bodies such as the jarjor a gun in one second and the jarjor Receives 1:30. But this does not happen when running the animation is not a magazine with hands began to hand down later in the character starts to scratch so it does not come down with a magazine with the hands as this may cause, please help Nobody will help please ??? OMA please
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