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  1. Looking for a person to spruce up my terrain for my medieval terrain. I've already made the basic terrain, for the devolves pay you will be paid by however you would like.
  2. How do apply it to a gun
  3. albareal

    Fps, OMAS kit

    Ok it's just the basics fps kit didn't change the code
  4. albareal

    Fps, OMAS kit

    Hey guys I've been modding OMAs kit and using deatrockers tutorials and I added my first gun. I only problem is that when you pick up the gun and drop it the option to pick the gun back up is gone. Thank you for replying.
  5. albareal

    Sentry Script

    What does mean add your shoot function. Sorry I'm new to coding also what type of coding is it.
  6. Really that's your advice.
  7. Hey guys I saw barkeys inventory system and it worked with the second fps kit. the only problem is that the fps kit the guy used was the one converted to C# and so it wouldn't work for the 1.3.5 kit so does any one know a good java script inventory script. Thank you for your time.
  8. what is forge I admit I am kind of new to armed unity and all of the side software.
  9. Hey guys thanks for all your help and I was just wondering if you had any ideas that I should to the fps kit I'm using please right back.
  10. I was wondering if anyone could help because I've added my own weapon in the fps kit. Then when you change the weapon there is no weapon to pick back up and it wont reload.
  11. Thank you man thanks for writing back have a good day.
  12. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone how to add your own weapons in the fps kit 2. The reason I'm asking is because I have some weapons I added but I want to be able to use them with the other one. Please write back.
  13. I have resently been trying to work on a basic Fps using armed unity's Fps kit (the first one) and I was wondering if anyone knew how I could add some basic team mates. Please leave your input and thank you for your time.
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