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  1. Mine would be half life 3, if it ever is made.
  2. As the title says what is your favorite kind of music? And who is your favorite artist? I like rap, I listen to Kid Cudi and Chiddy Bang.
  3. If you`re trying to make an animated texture in unity, I think you might need to have pro for that. Not hundred percent sure though.......
  4. What inspired me weirdly enough when I was like twelve was this; http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/gamecreatorsw/index.html My friend showed it to me and then I just started learning different game engines, until I got serious about it. Anyway OMA and Deatrocker is what inspired me to use Unity
  5. silentx

    FPS ideas.

    You`re doing the Tornado Twins competition, same here............. Maybe an apocalyptic planet where different factions face off against eachother?
  6. I prefer to work by myself or with people I know, only for the precaution (I`m not refering to anybody, it just happens ALOT where I live) that I meet somebody like thishttp://assets0.ordienetworks.com/images/user_photos/1190438/creepy_width_640x.jpg
  7. silentx

    Fps Arms

    Try looking in the 3D models section.
  8. After months of trying to figure out which pc I should get I finally found two I`m interested in, I posted two links below. Which one would you recommend? http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Gamer_Scorpius_7500 http://www.digitalstormonline.com/comploadvanquish.asp?id=827176&price=%24699 (I`m not old enough for a job yet so I can get by with a $600-$800 computer)
  9. Yeah I agree with Connor, try making a website yourself.
  10. Like I said did anybody see Nick become the first person to tightrope across the Grand Canyon?
  11. silentx

    IOS FPS kit

    http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/157180-Mobile-Starter-Pack-1-FPS I think this would be worth a try.
  12. silentx

    IOS FPS kit

    Look in the asset store, there`s some legit mobile development kits.
  13. silentx

    my fps game

    Thats just the rigidbody fps controller with ai.
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