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  1. Hi there, I'm Jordan "Traslogan" Martin, Lead Developer of Infinitus Designs. We're a small dedicated indie team creating the indie MMO 'Yonder', a sandbox MMO. For more information, see our topic here: http://armedunity.com/topic/10680-yonder-a-sandbox-mmo-by-infinitus-designs At the moment, we are in Pre-Alpha stage, where we implement some core features and lay the groundwork of the game. At the moment, development is progressing well, but we are in need of another 3D artist to increase our visual content output. To which, we are now looking for a new 3D artist to join our team! If interested in applying for the role, certain things are expected: - We would like to know you have some experience in 3D artwork before applying to us. - Experience using Maya and Zbrush is a big plus. - You must submit a folio when applying so we can get an idea of what you are capable of. The project is, at the moment, a volunteer one. We have mid-to-long term goals to achieve a kickstarter project later down the line to help support the project, in the hope that we can achieve income and profit from the project. If interested in applying, please send an email to 'jim-g_101@hotmail.co.uk' , saying your name and that you are applying for the 3D artist position and attach a link to a folio as well please. We look forward to hearing from potential applicants!
  2. Well if you mean such as like Minecraft making a fresh procedural world, then no. The world is free to edit once it is live, but devs are responsible for its initial creation.
  3. No. The world isn't a fixed-design such as World of Warcraft, but it is pre-made for the players to change as they wish.
  4. True the terrain looks that way. It's probably just how I've made it look in the example image. The terrain works as tiles, yes, but they are 3D Columns. You don't add blocks on top of one another, but rather you raise or lower that column and its tile-type would change sometimes (e.g. digging grass turns a grass-column into a dirt-column)
  5. What is Yonder? 'Yonder' is a Sandbox MMO being developed my a small indie team called Infinitus Designs. The aim is to create a player-managed environment in which players can sculpt the world and build it as their own, with PvP and PvE areas alike. Set in the 17th century, with a skill-oriented design leading to further technology up to the 19th century, the game aims to allow players to craft a diverse and ever-changing gameworld. How players will interact with Yonder Players will play their characters in Yonder via an isometric-like camera, with a reasonable gap between the player and their view point. It won't necessarily be locked to a single rotation, in case of viewpoint obstructions. Players can move around the game-world via the left-mouse button being used to point to where they want their character to go (Similar to isometric RPG games). The player will also interact with many game-world objects via right-clicking to open radial menus with appropriate options. How Yonder Will Look Yonder's graphical style is what a mix of the solid flat look that you may expect from 2D or 3D cel-shaded games, but with enough complexity and detail that it adds a small layer of realism to the existence of the game-world. However, the exception to this is that we've approached the game with a Stylized Terrain. In short, we wanted to go for a Tile-system, and decided to stylize it as 3D Columns, as shown in an early example here: The Infinitus Designs Team The Infinitus Designs team consists of: Jordan "Traslogan" Martin - Lead Developer Ivan Kuzev - Lead Programmer Salem - 3D Artist Game Updates The game is currently in its Pre-Alpha state, where we are assembling some core mechanics / features, and we will be offering public downloads when we progress into Alpha. We will post changelogs here along with some extra images as the game develops further.
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