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  1. Somewhat. The client interpolates movement and only receives updates for objects if speed, destination point, animation etc. changes.
  2. Just thought I would start a thread on my progress with the online action RPG i'm working on. I still haven't really found a name - I'm thinking about one name in particular but I'll keep it to myself for now because the domain is expiring soon and I'm hoping to be able to grab it:) It's using an authoritative server like an MMO, but ambitions for player count are lower - I'll probably only be able to handle a few hundred players before employing scaling techniques. I'm being careful not to shoot myself in the foot as I'm structuring the code to prepare for scaling later. Right now I'm working on creating a more interesting starting zone and expect to be able to showcase it pretty soon. Assets are fromthe asset store and will continue to be so for quite a while. My latest video:
  3. Something like this could be totally cool for clan halls in an online game if you want to build an active community.
  4. I'm working on an online game. Only the client is using Unity. Because of that I have chosen a simplified spatial model on the server which is just a 2D polygonal model of the walkable area - I've never worked with NavMesh'es before but I hope to be able to write a script that just removes the Y (up) axis and exports the mesh to a file I can import on the server. Think Diablo I or II, but rendered in 3D with a heightmap which is just client-side. So far most of my coding has been in the server part, testing the client-server interaction with a simple Winforms client. I can create accounts and characters, and move my character (a white rectangle) around on the map while the enemies (red rectangles) are moving aimlessly around Anyway - Now I'm almost at the point where I want to try doing this in Unity. I've been looking at the CharacterController and it seems to be almost exactly what I need - except for one thing: If the server tells the client to move in a straight line then that's what I want the client to do. I don't want the character to ever slide along some edge in the terrain or get stuck in a doorway clientside if the server has told it that it's ok to move... I could of course roll my own and just do a vertical raycast to find the Y coordinate given an XZ position - but the charactercontroller also has support for animation so if I do without that then I would also have to do some scripting myself. What would you do? Try to make the CharacterController work or roll your own?
  5. I know - I could easily call it stuff and then refactor if I find a name but it's not very satisfying:) Had the same problem with player characters.... was torn between just calling the class PC /because it is easy to type haha), PlayerCharacter and Avatar
  6. Basically - I need a good class name for the general type of items that you will see in a map and can interact with. This includes stuff like gates, chests you can open, levers you can pull etc. I feel like the name is obvious and at the tip of my tongue but I just can't think of it. (non-interactive static items like fences, rocks etc. won't have objects in the game model but will just be included in the scene ) This probably doesn't include things like loot dropped on the ground - I'm not sure about that one.
  7. I'm at a point now where I need to start creating some guis - textfields, buttons etc, and I would like to hear if anyone has any preferences here. I'm considering OpenGUI and Unitys own uGui but since I have 0 experience with either I'm not sure what to choose. I am pretty sure though that I don't want to use basic OnGUI() because I would prefer an object/component oriented way of working - and would much rather subscribe to events than poll for input. Has anyone here tried any or both of these - any impressions good or bad? If you were to start again - which would you choose?
  8. I just found this forum today. I'm a software developer from Denmark with a B.Sc in software and my dayjob is C#/.Net programming, which I've been doing for almost 10 years now - I used to program in Java. Back in the Java days I was working on game programming - did the obligatory Tetris clone, then started on a mud engine before I got tired of that and moved on to graphical games, trying to create an isometric graphical mud / mmorpg. Since then I kinda stopped programming as a hobby because I became a father but now I'm taking up the glove again and I'm set on using Unity. What really sold me on that engine was the possibility to program in C# and the fact that several commercial titles are being developed in Unity. So... The dream of creating a multiplayer rpg lives on, and with a little help from the asset store I think it should be possible to create a pretty playable prototype. I actually had a name for the game "Orders of Chaos" or "OOC" but I never got around to registering a domain (doh) and now it's taken;p So far I'm mostly following the book Unity 3.x Essentials but I'm almost finished so soon I expect to be able to get started.
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