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  1. the idea is attractive but it lacks a lot of information about the project: the organizational leadership is not defined, the specification is not done, it lacks the most important game desing is it? outside the COD style BF3 therefore a war game FPS / TPS with open and closed maps, it lacks information about the time of the history and background. Then the serious stuff: - Economic model? - Solo or multiplayer game? - Distribution platform? - Set to create a specific platform or multi-platform? - Target age and type of nest short a few key questions before starting a project ...
  2. zyan

    Add new weapons

    Theory and Logic Tutorial about adding to FPSKit Weapon
  3. great job OcularCash for all if you want support we have a forum for that... create a new topic ^^
  4. simple and effective easy to put in the last OMA kit so that's good thank you for sharing
  5. yes you can do it yourself with Rain AI look here : http://rivaltheory.com/rainindie-mecanim-launched/
  6. .blend is not a format like fbx it's not a container so yes your files have the texture for blender but not for unity, you must ask at unity what texture have the material after have importing it... i know it's strange ^^ but it's just a drag and drop no more
  7. Importing Objects From Blender Unity natively imports Blender files. This works under the hood by using the Blender FBX exporter, which was added to Blender in version 2.45. For this reason, you must update to Blender 2.45 or later (but see Requirements below). To get started, save your .blend file in your project's Assets folder. When you switch back into Unity, the file is imported automatically and will show up in the Project View. To see your model in Unity, drag it from the Project View into the Scene View. If you modify your .blend file, Unity will automatically update whenever you save. Unity currently imports All nodes with position, rotation and scale. Pivot points and Names are also imported. Meshes with vertices, polygons, triangles, UVs, and normals. Bones Skinned Meshes Animations Requirements You need to have Blender version 2.45-2.49 or 2.58 or later (versions 2.50-2.57 do not work, because FBX export was changed/broken in Blender). Textures and diffuse color are not assigned automatically. Manually assign them by dragging the texture onto the mesh in the Scene View in Unity. Vidéo : http://cgcookie.com/unity/2011/12/05/exporting-characters-from-blender/ vidéo tutorial :
  8. if you can it's cool but the best is still the practice if have to understand and learn
  9. thx a lot, i download to see that
  10. a lot of work on this IA I try to apply the concept with "RAIN" documentation and example here: http://support.rivaltheory.com/sampleprojects
  11. hi, in Edit => Project Settings => Input just change the mouse mouvement
  12. I love this thank you for sharing destroy style
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