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  1. Hello Armed Unity members! After we, Y8.com, were and still are actively working with Unity WebGL games for more than 4 years, I am glad to inform you about an upcoming feature from our end. For quite few months now we had a small and closed beta circle of game partnership of various technologies (unity webgl, html5, pluginfree engines etc..) and in the upcoming month or two, we will publicly introduce our plan and chance to additionally monetize your online games. In case this topic is in the wrong section, I apologize as I couldn't find a more appropriate one. Back on topic, what we offer is: - Adsense Ads - 50% of in-game video ads - 10-40% of content page ads - API tools for online features - QA testing What we need: - long-term relationship with quality individuals or teams - quality games - online versions, leaving the standalone or mobile for your own plans and releases What is worked on - a custom dashboard where any developer can see stats for his/her games, in bulk or individual - simplified API guide documentation - new features and better support for all current and upcoming partners The given example of ecmp $1-3 is mostly for all types of accepted games, although I can verify that the games which have highest ecpm are 3D based, from which the 3D First Person Shooters are always around the top performer. This doesn't mean that hits like 2D physics won't have good results as well. Feel free to use the contact form at Y8 website, or directly write in here or in PM and we'll move onto the next process. If you have any questions, do let me know! Looking forward playing your games! Zoki.
  2. Is the gameplay art done during Fall as well?
  3. zoki

    Sounds of War

    to be honest, I'm not sure if the game name is perfect for Fast-paced 3D Mulitplayer FPS game... Sounds of War kinda looks like a musical game to me :/ On the other hand, i like the view (round edges) as it kinda gives the feeling as you are inside the screen.
  4. zoki


    I always wanted to ride a choppa Good luck with the development!
  5. Bump, budget starts from $800 for simple single player, and $1,500 for MP, both 3D thou
  6. There was lots of interest the few recent days, so to make this easier, I'm interested in: - mostly 3D unity games, which can be ported as webplayer and webgl - games which can use our API tool for online features (such as highscore, achievements, online save, and multiplayer) - games which are actually games, not simple kits from Unity store - exclusive and non-exclusive deals, with or without source codes - price starts from $500 and can go above few thousands, if the game is good. Cheers, Zoki! p.s. contact me with videos, images or ideally, the game itself hosted on your end, so I would easily check and estimate it, giving the best price. I cannot estimate words, ideas, text or plans.. p.s.s. I'm interested in good games, all types, BUT, i'm not interested in moving balls, or flying rocks, or something simple and primitive like that.
  7. Bump bump, budget gets better for more serious games, now that WebGL is getting stabler
  8. Looks nice, what are your final plan for this kit?
  9. or you can send me your game portfolio, or the game you are working on, instead?
  10. option taken for consideration for the next pool, lol Thanks for sharing your view.
  11. Ah, I'm interested (and the given examples) in web based games, so maybe it slipped out pointing in the answers that I talk regarding for web based games. Thanks for stopping by, btw. Ok, i won't ask you, but I'll tell the other developers who might be interested in doing custom games for me, I have a budget which varies from 1 to 10k or more.
  12. Hi ArmedUnity members! I'm glad to inform you, and showcase our 25 WebGL Games which are currently live at Y8.com website! With WebGL game development we started 2-3 months ago, and now, we have released these cool webgl games There are still some problems, but we strive to resolve them, as we work on more webgl games in background. Starting with the sound problems in the early days of Unity 5 beta, for webgl games of course, overcoming the control keys behavior in most of the popular browsers, we (and our precious developers who work with us) have resolved most of the problems we run across to. So without any further delay, here are just few WebGL Games, from our webgl portfolio 1. Slope WebGL Game Slope around in this fast-paced 3D maze webgl game! (play slope webgl game at y8.com) 2. Burning Ball WebGL Game Control the paddle in this brick smashing, Arkanoid webgl game! (play burning ball 3d webgl game at y8.com) 3. Bend the Snake Eat green beans and bend the snake for as long as possible. (play bend the snake webgl game at y8.com) 4. Grandpa Run 3D WebGL Game Run, Grandpa, Run! (play grandpa run 3d webgl game at y8.com) In case you are interested in uploading webgl game at Y8.com, i mean, publishing it by Y8.com or being bought, or published as your own, feel free to contact me. Thanks for making great games, and for your time reading this Cheers, Zoki.
  13. zoki

    Buying WebGL Games

    Confirming that I'm from Y8, won't be a problem. Paying the game, will be even a less problem for me Do you have a game which can we talk about?
  14. I have few good couple of G's to spare for the online rights (not full) of a good game
  15. zoki

    Buying WebGL Games

    Bump, still interested with high quality and super size-budgeted games
  16. thats true, for people not interested in installing plugins, however, when Chrome decide to do that, that effect is on huge scales
  17. ah.. you are right I apologize for misreading that We prefer webplayer, ofc, but since Google Chrome doesn't, and other browsers might follow, we are trying to stay in trend by buying/publishing webgl games
  18. perhaps you misunderstood something I quoted, for that comment? Go ahead, and read it again
  19. zoki

    Buying WebGL Games

    depends of the type of deal. We are able to buy games, or sponsor them. In both ways, a certain amount of money will be send to the developer for branding his game. What do you mean by full access? In most of the games, the developers remain the rights of the game, and they are shown in the credit page in-game.
  20. we do As we are interested in staying in trend with Google, as Chrome is pretty popular browser for all, not just players.
  21. zoki

    Buying WebGL Games

    Hi to all, I represent Y8 website, and we are interested in sponsosring/buying webgl games. We are interested in all genres, types and styles, of playable games which have good story/gameplay/graphics etc. The sponsored games should be suitable for our SDK tool, which is used for online save, online highscore or/and online multiplayer mode. I'm not interested in simple re-skins of ready engines/kits from the unity store or other source. The price range, depending of the game ofc, can start from $500, but it can also go above $5,000. Another offer, is our Partnership program for games with IAP, where we put our traffic on the vague for a cut of the future rev. Feel free to write here, or contact me in private. Thanks, Zoki.
  22. That's a great news We can't wait for Unity 5 to come out, and buy lots of Webgl Games If anyone from you plans to work on a webgl ports, feel free to contact me
  23. I'd be interested in these stuff, if are helpful to kill latency. Try out the Unity Assets, there are lots of multiplayer engines in that store.
  24. We are currently in development with one game, but we are always open for more Bump!
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