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  1. Hello everyone, Updated this project to v2.0. Here is the new showcase video: For the full topic you can visit it at the sales thread: http://armedunity.com/topic/12023-wave-survival-multiplayer-unity-package/ Regards, Daniel
  2. Hello everyone, I'm very excited to announce the release of update v2.0 for Wave Survival Multiplayer. In this update my main focus was making this package as modular as possible, to be able to adapt better to a larger quantity projects. I also focused alot in adding more visual fidelity, making it easier to see what the project would look like when applied to something somewhat close to a in-development game. This update turned out to be way bigger than I have thought it to become, but that does nothing but add even more to what many can consider a great example project, asset, or whatever you need it for within Unity. Specially the people who want to spend less time with unnecessary tasks and focus more on actually prototyping and designing for their projects. I really hope you guys enjoy this update, it took me forever to finally finish it due to a mix of a very busy schedule and unexpected surprises. Since this post will be rather huge, below I have seperated the post in 'topics'. Changelog v2.0 Additional Information Regards, Daniel
  3. Hello bit_, English: It is no longer $5.99 (check the Sellfy page for the package). I'm sorry but payments are handled and secured by Sellfy and partners, so it is rather a matter of them accepting payments in BitCoin or not. It is possible indeed to export to mobile, although it's not optimized for that kind of platform. I recommend you wait untill the v2.0 update is fully launched before you buy the package. Português: Já não é mais $5.99 (consulte a página do Sellfy do pacote). Desculpe mas pagamentos são administrados e protegidos por Sellfy e associados, então é questão deles aceitarem pagamentos em BitCoin ou não. É possível sim exportar pra plataforma mobile, mas o pacote não esta optimizado para esse tipo de plataforma. Eu recomendo que você espere até que a versão v2.0 seja lançada pro pacote antes de comprar. Regards, Daniel
  4. Hello Connor Gibson, I have many many times thought of the possibility, but I persist in order to persue a solid standard for this package, since I see it fit for this package to be able to work without any external 'addons' or dependencies of the kind. Something you can literally just 'plug-and-play'. I couldn't agree more that UNET is indeed infested with bugs and erroneous design, but I'm sure with some time (and my constant hammering on the Unity network devs to get the bugs I send them fixed) it will become a new and solid standard for networking in Unity. But the problem is not just in the UNET system, I've been reporting bugs in the UI system, UNET system, Editor, etc. So we can't really blame them for not managing all the bugs for UNET, since they have other issues to fix also (and they are MANY). Also, I thought it proper to mention that the bugs I'm currently fixing have nothing to do with networking, they are more like miscelaneous design errors and stupid mistakes. The networking part of the update is done and optimized as best as I possibly can at its current state. Any other questions I am here to answer (as I asynchronously work on the update). Regards, Daniel
  5. Hello Nucleus, I'm currently (as I write this) fixing the last few bugs to make sure I launch the update as bug free as I possibly can, and updating it all to the new changelog (which by the way is massive). While I finish the final touches to the update, I'm currently sending emails back and fourth with a Unity QA Team member regarding the many bugs I found for Unity 5.3.4p6. Unfortunately when I launch the update, these bugs will probably still be activate, since some of the devs at Unity aren't available for a few weeks , so I documented all of them in the changelog. If I were to take a wild ETA guess, it would be by the end of this week (around friday). Here is what I have to do left (by estimate): 1. Finish fixing the last few bugs (96%) 2. Make a video for the update (0%) 3. Update my website (45%) [will not delay the update itself] Any other questions I am here to answer. Regards, Daniel
  6. Hello supermoof, Sure thing! Thank you for telling me of this issue, I wasn't even aware of it. Version v2.0 will come with a InputManager.asset file with the input settings. I'm very glad you like my work! Regards, Daniel
  7. Small update: The asset itself is basically done, but there's a UNET bug that makes it impossible to launch the update untill they patch it. I've been using the past days to pin-point what exactly it was. For anyone facing the same problem this might be of help: Unity version: 5.3.4f1 Bug: Server destroying player instances on Clients that loaded the scene before the Server. Bug configuration: Unity (host) + Build (client) = works fine Build (host) + Build (client) = works fine Build (host) + Unity (client) = player object destroyed on Unity (client). I currently know it's caused by OnClientSceneChanged(). Since I think the scene in the Unity (client) loads faster than the Build (host), thus when the Build (host) loads his scene, he destroys Unity (client)'s player instance. As referenced here: http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Networking.NetworkManager.OnClientSceneChanged.html Scene changes can cause player objects to be destroyed. So what I'm left with is: If the Client loads the scene faster than the Server, when the Server finishes loading his scene, he will destroy the player instance of any client that loaded before him. (Bug reported to Unity, case 794076) Weird right? Regards, Daniel
  8. I don't usually roam around the forum like I used to before, but when I found this, I couldn't help but write something. I'm very happy/excited to see my package being applied to projects, inspiring and telling me that I can indeed contribute greatly with what I create, giving me both a feeling of accomplishment and euforia. This reminds me that one of the main things I feel like I forgot to enforce, when I put out my work for others to use, is ask them to actually show me what they're doing with it, if they will. Not only does it inspire me further, but it also goes to show how creative people can be with certain tools, when given to them. That aside, very nice project! Looks like a pretty fun time killer. For some reason the environment setting and atmosphere almost remind me of the Modern Warfare: All Ghilled Up mission in prypiat (nothing to do with the name). Also, it would be really nice if you could keep me posted on this project. I plan on having a board (both for personal amusement and showcase, with projects in which my assets were able to be usefull in). Keep up the good work man! Regards, Daniel
  9. Here's a little sneak peek: Old version v1.0: New version v2.0: I'm just a few hours work away of finishing it. I just have to finish polishing it and making sure there are no suprises when releasing the update. I hope you guys are as excited as I am! Regards, Daniel
  10. Hello EllisNguyen, I'm currently putting on the finishing touches and details on this package's update (it became way bigger then I thought it would, and I'm sure you guys will be very happy with it). Once I'm done with the final tests and details on the new updated version, I will move on to doing a showcase video, and even, a in-depth demo video on the package's features. I plan on updating the other packages and making videos for them aswell (this was something I planned on doing a long time ago, but never got to actually doing). But for now the main rule is not to ruin perfection with impatience. I'm aware that this update is taking longer then estimated, but I can guarantee that the scale and content of the update will make it well worth the delay. Yesterday, for instance, I ran a successful test with a friend of mine in another country. If all goes as expected the full release of the update + the videos should be out before long. Regards, Daniel
  11. Hello Nucleus, I misunderstood your question, my bad. I believe the best version for the current package version would be Unity 4. Since if I recall correctly they only introduced the new UNET system to Unity 5. Regards, Daniel.
  12. Hello Nucleus, The package is currently being developed with Unity 5.3.4f1, so I would say that would be the one, for now. Regards, Daniel.
  13. Hello Nucleus, It took long for 2 main reasons: A. I had to wait so that Unity could launch a stable patch for UNET; B. I was working on other projects (mainly for work and on other parallels). I have restarted my work on the update a few days ago, from where I left it (reference the changelog a few posts above), I shouldn't take too long, since the features I thought I was going to take some time to implement are being finished in just a few hours. If I'd were to guess, I'd say between another few days and a week, since in the weekends I work extra time on projects like this one. The main parts that could delay it a bit are: A. Make a showcase/tutorial video; B. Implement the asset to my website (which is almost done); C. Create user documentation explaning how I did things and why (better for new people that want to learn); D. Put in basic models and textures to make the package more visually appealing and easier to see it applied in a "real" game cenario. *The ones that are in red text mean that I will probably do them after I launch the update. I hope I was able to satisfy your question. Regards, Daniel.
  14. Hello MyIsaak, Yeah, I agree. I decided to just wait untill they reached a stable overall build for the UNET system. I got frustrated after implementing a new feature, then downloading a patch, thus breaking my new feature, since the new patches with networking related features and fixes would always fix something, but also break something else related. Now that I've started working on it again (due to email requests for an update) I'm able to implement new features more smoothly (in this version current atleast). Regards, Daniel.
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