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  1. OreoFlayy276

    Fps Arms Pack *Updated*

  2. OreoFlayy276

    How i can rotate correctly the body of my soldier ?

    Yes but it's the same problem, don't rotate correctly.
  3. Hi, i'am new and noob to Unity3D. This is the problem: You have see, the arms don't rotate correctly, why ? If you have any idea for fix this please answers me !
  4. OreoFlayy276

    How i can rotate correctly arms ?

    Hello, i'am a new and noob to Unity3D. This is my problem: Unity3D Web-Player Install Unity Web-Player You have see? The arms don't rotate correctly if you have any ideas please answer me ! (I'am French so, sorry if i do some mistakes).
  5. OreoFlayy276

    In / out and use the car like in GTA

    sorry, no animation
  6. Version 0.1


    Enter / Exit the car by pressing F, like in GTA. download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7nyflzgq06i58ci/Car.zip ENJOY ! :D0