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  1. I think i ever making thread like this.. http://armedunity.com/topic/11262-another-nice-free-3d-models-website/
  2. Hi, i need help I have problem with Unity 5, i can't open my project or create new one after i open Unity for third time. The problem is fixed when i reinstall Unity, but the problem come again. Here the image --> http://s17.postimg.org/riwwrds8f/Unity5.jpg Hope someone help me, and sorry for my bad English
  3. Hi, i found a website when i was browsing around internet. Its have plenty 3d models, almost are there from another Game... You can find characters, weapons, buildings, vehicles, etc The website is Rusia, but you can translate it to another languange Link under the picture Here the link: http://p3dm.ru I don't know what they license to, but i think you can't use it as commercial purpose //Sorry for my bad English
  4. No problem, im using my sister laptop to install the 3ds max.
  5. Okay, i will try it. Thanks for the answer
  6. Hello everyone.. I want to ask, how to convert MAX files into FBX without 3ds Max ? I got an error when i open 3ds Max, i know the error will be fixed if i reinstall my Windows, but i don't want my program formatted and i should download it again.. So, hope anyone can answer my question Sorry for my bad English
  7. Should i paste the new converted script into the new blank script, then delete the old java script ?
  8. How to convert the script into C# ? Should i make one new script and convert one script, and then do this until all script converted ? Or any other ways ?
  9. Uh, little help for my project. Can i request ? Add fired based spreading, dynamic crosshair, bullet penetration, bullet tracers, etc.
  10. Battlefield 5 ? Maybe Battlefield Hardline
  11. At Rockstar website, there are system requirements for playing GTA V
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