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  1. One more question, sorry to bother you. In my friends chat I want players to be able to send chats to each other through the main menu, in other words, is it possible for players to send messages to each other when not in the same room/a room at all? Thanks
  2. @xfukecx - do you mind if you give me an example? Sorry about the hassle.
  3. low poly

    Looks nice
  4. Thanks xfukecx I'm going to give that a try
  5. Hey guys, So I have a chat going now, but how do I limit the chat to a player's friends list. Lets say I have a list or a dictionary, how would I go about sending messages to only players someone's friends list. Thanks
  6. @Calum.McManus - thanks for the idea! I'm probably going to stick to what you were saying about Overwatch. That seems like a reasonable amount of time to update player stats. @OcularCash - I really like the idea of a hotkey button. I guess the new generation aren't going to be using buttons for too much longer lol, too much of a hassle nowadays
  7. @xfukecx - gotcha. So every time a player opens the friends tab I would refresh their friend's list? Thanks for your reply
  8. Very nice!
  9. Hey Guys, So I'm making a login system for my game/the asset store. I need your advice in terms of performance. How would I go about refreshing my profile? Should I include some code in the Update function that calls a function to refresh my profile every 30 seconds or so? Or is there a better way to go with this? Thanks
  10. Actually, I found an easier way. string originalID = "0000001"; string newGamerID = originalID.Insert (3, "-"); Debug.Log ("New ID: " + newGamerID); Thanks
  11. Hey guys, So each player in my game has a seven digit number that they are assigned. For example, if a player has an ID number of 0002232, how would I make it so that the ID number in game appears 000-2232. Basically, after three characters I want to add a "-". Thanks!
  12. It was. I'd spend hours after hours playing that game. Such a simple idea but was a huge hit at the time...
  13. Looks cool. It reminds me of the game Crazy Taxi.
  14. Thank you
  15. Hey guys, I have a quick question about arrays. I created a public class like shown in the code below, how do I access the component of my custom array? using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine.UI; using UnityEngine; public class MainMenu : MonoBehaviour { public Maps[] mapArray; [SerializeField] public class Maps { public String mapName; public Sprite mapPreviewImage; } } For example, how would I access the variable "mapName" in the maps class inside of this script? Thanks