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  1. Hey guys, So I've been looking through the Photon documentation/Unity Forums about Photon Chats. I can't seem to understand/find anything useful that helps me create a chat. So basically, once the user is logged into the game I want that user to be able to chat with his/her friends only through this chat. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!
  2. Welcome to the Forums!
  3. No problem
  4. I'd imagine you'd have to do a pretty good job optimizing your game if it's gonna be just one server with lots of players... Anyways, good luck!
  5. Well, a lot of games has airdrops, airstrikes etc... What will set your game apart from other games? In other words, what does your game have to offer that other games don't?
  6. if (Input.GetKeyDown ("g")) { Instantiate (myPrefab, transform.position + (transform.forward * 2), transform.rotation); }
  7. The username and password fonts look a bit too light imo. Also, you can hardly see the login button. Other than that, the background looks cool. Great job!
  8. @reaperkan - thanks for your reply. I did take a look at I need to prove that light is just a wave. Not a particle. I defiantly got a few good points out of the two links you commented. The double slit experiment is being used by the opposing team to prove that light is a wave and not a particle. So I can't use that. Thanks for your reply though.
  9. Most websites says its both as well, but I have to give an argument why it is "more of a particle than a wave". I have no idea how I'm supposed to prove this without the Photon Electric experiment. Thanks for your reply though.
  10. Hey guys, So I have this Physics debate coming up next Sunday, and to be honest I'm not the best in Physics. The debate is based upon three sides: 1. Light is a particle 2. Light is a wave 3. Light is both a wave and a particle This may seem weird, and it is. All I have been reading online is that light is both a particle and a wave. I need an experiment (other than the Photon Electric Effect experiment) to prove that light is a particle. I would definitely appreciate someone's help, I am truly stuck. This is due next Sunday. So any ideas please share in the comments below! Thanks!
  11. Thanks for sharing
  12. Check this out:
  13. It gives me a headache. But that could just be me...
  14. The weapon that you most likely downloaded from YouTube "without knowing" was the M4. You did not make the animations nor did you change the model/textures itself. Check with the owner of the model before actually using it... If you read the description you would have known.
  15. Is it just me or does the weapon in the third photo look as if it was downloaded from a YouTube video which said that the weapons were for personal use only, or am I thinking about a different YouTube video?