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  1. It gives me a headache. But that could just be me...
  2. The weapon that you most likely downloaded from YouTube "without knowing" was the M4. You did not make the animations nor did you change the model/textures itself. Check with the owner of the model before actually using it... If you read the description you would have known.
  3. Is it just me or does the weapon in the third photo look as if it was downloaded from a YouTube video which said that the weapons were for personal use only, or am I thinking about a different YouTube video?
  4. Thank you so much! This definitely helped bro
  5. Hey everyone, I have a quick question for you. I've done some research on Photon Room Custom Properties and found the documentation on Photon's website, that was helpful but I still don't understand how Custom Properties work for Photon rooms. Can someone please give me an example? When creating a Photon room I need to set the MaxPlayers and also a Map Name. I then need to get the MaxPlayers and the Map Name to display in my server browser. I would definitely appreciate your help with this. Thanks!
  6. Very nice!
  7. That is a good suggestion, I will definitely give that a try later on. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your help! Your answers solved my question.
  9. Thanks for your reply @OneManArmy I got this string as a result from a PHP script. I just need to get the names separately and add them to a list or to an array. Thank you for your reply again
  10. Hey guys, Do any of you have an idea on how to get a certain values from a string result? Here is an example of what I mean.. string names = "|Display Name:Admin|Display Name:Demo" I need to get the names from the string. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. You're trying to access a GameObject's component after you already destroyed that GameObject. Thats what the error means, it's basically just a matter of re-arranging your code so that you still access the components you need before you destroy the GameObject.
  12. You're missing a semi colon on line 58. Honestly, read the error. The error literally tells you how to fix it. Rather than copy and pasting scripts try learning to write your own, or at least learn how to fix simple syntax errors...
  13. Never mind, I was actually changing the z axis correctly. I just realized that later in my code I transformed the objects position again... my bad.
  14. Hey, I need some helping setting the z-axis in my RectTransform to 0. I can't seem to change it... The value on the top right in the image below is what I am trying to change. Thanks!
  15. Nice job