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  1. I often wondered how to do a Damage Indicator when I started unity 3d, So Heres a Tutorial on One, the video is a very basic on getting the dir data needed, the Part 2 well deal with the health and everything. Like I said I very basic and super easy to understand.. Because every Project so different...
  2. Just wanted to show off a Tutorial I have going on a Inventory System. using ScriptableObject/Loading at Runtime an later so You how to save the data it stuff..
  3. Just wanted to Show how to make a RPG Style Health bar. Thank Free Download in the Video Details on YouTube..
  4. wardawn29

    Tutorial RPG Style HealthBar

    Some times I think the Same it's to complex, but I working on that skill. Probly My add an ADHD Kicking in. lol but I try better next time.
  5. hey everybody just wanted to show a very super easy way to move a unity by clickly clickly. Hope this help someone...
  6. Hey everyone just wanted to drop by and Let Other learn how you can code a Custom Weapons... Hope this Helps someone.
  7. Hey guy I wanted to show off a way of Scripting a controller and Inputs. This neat little way that gives you the ability to Delete more Scripts without Breaking things. Like a common script name health. we deleting that would be very bad because it would break your damage code. Because Some were in your Project you ref the health script. Well if You watch I Show you a More flex able way to Deal with that Problem. I could delete my soldier code and soldier Inputs and it's Never Throws a Error I hope you enjoy and Like, smash the sub,an have a great day.
  8. I wanted more flex able classes in my project for Health/Player/Enemy and had more types called get Compontent<Health>(); <--- sucked So I changed it because sometimes you can't use the same code for everything sadFace. So I made a video Explaining how I Over come this problem and I can Now Delete something with breaking the stuffings out of my project
  9. hi there keeping it short here I been doing videos for a Tower Defence game and now were to Saving Game Data this my help someone because you can change it a little for whatever game.
  10. How to make a simple tank kill stuff.
  11. A simple Run Down on what and how you can Make ScriptableObjects in Unity 3D
  12. wardawn29

    Single Camera Setup

    I always hated using 2 cameras in my fps projects. well because it just seem silly. So for a long time I just took it for what ever.. but Now I found a way thats light enough plus some other cool things working with Cameras. So I'm going to share in this video.so that you can help yourself as well. Hope this helps you enjoy.
  13. Just dropping video On by for FPS Tutorial Type. Part 13 is now Up. Coming soon is player armor this video using the idea you'll reuse code in other weapons without are good old control C and v buddy. for example why write your raycast more then once. why not write it and just throw your over loads in. Why so 5000 different scripts can use it.
  14. hi there just wanted to show off a few videos on a FPS (slot base). it's dealing with overriding and building a flex able code base then writing code. ever hate how you have to basicly rewrite a script to work in your project. maybe this well Help..
  15. wardawn29

    Wars channel for unity3d 5.0+

    thanks I'll have to check it out see what they do diff. because I have started to get pretty good dealing with mesh. maybe I'll work on making a texture atlas of my own next. I like a challenge. lol I get bored waiting for class to start.
  16. wardawn29

    Wars channel for unity3d 5.0+

    Hi my online name is Wardawn an I like to share some of my exp in the game engines (unity 3d,unreal, and others) on my youtube. I know there is a wide range out there. but there old and some of the good stuff like the new UI system. The coding and looking for answer just becomes a problem. So I like facing problems face on. the channel at this moment is targeted to a FPS game. but this well grow an become more over time. If this interest you then your welcome to check on everything the channel has to offer. here is one of my beta projects to over come draw calls and maybe saving (I would share but working out the bugs and my own game lol) thanks for your time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ_Zhy0xDE
  17. wardawn29

    blender texturing

    this guy has a tut that seem pretty good. he shows textures using Maya and photoshop. I know its not blender but the basics are there. I bake my maps in maya or x normal... I also unwrap by hand takes longer ''gun texture guy'' https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTUvwcRwqr8pCBpBHXZLzCw this may help you on the unwraping in blender and understand it more... but really unwraping takes time and alot of try an fails not something you can just pickup in 5 mins.so really don't get made at yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu9J0D6ebVw
  18. wardawn29

    Wars channel for unity3d 5.0+

    yea in the basic form. draw calls at high levels are a problem in unity that why I been trying to over come this in code. I had the count around 5k once and got it down to 100. the thing is am working on a player build system were players can make there own levels.but the draw call is a problem in a system like this.( kills frame rates) an even worse on a mobile (phone/tablet). I have other videos in the channel that could help others as well as time goes by. hope this answers your question.