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  1. Bump Is steering likely to have been implemented here? Heard that kind of engines used HAA* and stop-and-go collision systems
  2. Hello again, To be even more explicit : I want to know why LoL minion waves are non deterministic : if you let minions alone, you can't predict which side will win, on a given lane, for the first waves spawned. Here are some points where I could be helped : - communication between LoL server and client in general, data flow map - minion metadatas sniffed from LoL packets (maybe would last-hit botting help me understand this matter?) - multithreading structure on Riot's servers - minion pathfinding nature and cycle lenght - minion collision system and steering behavior architecture Bump
  3. Hello, thank you for the link, but this good video is quite superficial aswell, I am looking for more accurate numbers/patterns!
  4. Hello, I am trying to expand knowledge about League of Legends minion patterns. The main info source is here at the moment : http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Minion But this page content is very superficial : I would like to understand much more in-depth how minion aggro works. Trying to be more explicit, I am aiming at call for help / aggro scan / attack flag specifics. Maybe drawing parallels, with other major MOBAs, where source code is known, like DOTA? Possibly getting experience, from someone having developped minions laning before? I wish you could help me out, Thank you for your answers! A LoL amateur.
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