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  1. Atec studios is look for a team to make a war themed RTS called Base Hero. In base hero you can build your own base, send tanks,planes and even ICBM's at your openits base. We are looking for: C# or JavaScript Coder for basic multiplayer Coder for missile paths Coder for AI Texturer and modeler Animator Sound Guy Graphics Designer i have experinse in all of these fields but i feel as i should get better people for this. Any workers will get a % of the profits. Contact me on Skype(Blacksky415) OR email (Alex@atecstudios.com)
  2. Project cancled, i gave my resorced to a freind dev team, they hacve it know
  3. I do have lots of backround a previous work and its a GTA like game, not GTA, and this is my 10th project, im ready for it.
  4. We are creating a puzzle platformed game called Light The Way. A EARLY tech demo can be found at http://tofastgaming.beastnode.net/ltw.zip . Application: Age: Skype Name: Skill: Hours of work you can provide:
  5. The last of days is a MMOFPS inspired by DayZ. It so far is not been worked on because we want team members. If you are interested respond in the comment with these requirements: AGE Skill(s) Pay Or no Pay Skype Name Email OS I hope we can see you soon. Images will come soon Game by Atec Studios
  6. Hi, I'm 11 and am making a 3D platformer in the dark, in Unity. I know you may not trust me because im a kid and i understand. The game is in early stages but i have a proof of concept I need a Molder and a animator and some basic scripting. I have a website and the full version of the game with be $10. We can talk about payment for employs on Skype(BlackSKY415). I hope i can see some people join in. thank you.
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