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  1. B3AST

    Sprite Sheet

    Yes, like in pokemon. The image isn't that great, but the image is trying to show what type of character he needs. He's kind of like if the grim reaper was a human... White eyes, hood, scythe, etc.
  2. B3AST

    2D Multiplayer

    Hey guys, I have a question about Unity 2d games and multiplayer. Is adding multiplayer to a 2D game the same as a 3D game?
  3. Hello, I'm using pokeyoshi's Multiplayer fps kit and I need help on saving the players' data. Like in DayZ you can save all your items and where you are in the map.
  4. Weapon models: and credits to war nation
  5. yes, it was made from scratch and it's still a work in progress
  6. Hello people, I made a simple multiplayer FPS project that really sucks... but here is a download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mpn00f39auepp8a (77.42 mb). If the download doesn't work, i'm new to this so help me out. Here's a web player too. UPDATED: Pause Menu in Game (Press escape), Gas Mask (press g), and a crosshair (a really sucky one lol)
  7. My youtube channel has the same intro as you!!
  8. Is there going to be a new update soon?
  9. This sounds awesome, and I'm really looking forward to this!
  10. I know the kit is made by OMA, but well...I have NO idea how to explain it....
  11. I have the Multiplayer FPS Kit by PokeYoshi and I need to know 1.) how to make the helicopter shoot rockets 2.) how to have other players press e and end up in one place in the helicopter (pilot seat) press e again and end up in the passenger seat etc. Can someone help?
  12. I think this should be in showcase section
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