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  1. Need help with Tactical Shooter AI.

    im not familiar with the package so ill try to help you rule out the basics. do you have a nav mesh on your terrain? and is your player tagged properly?
  2. Need help with Tactical Shooter AI.

    I want to help but i dont understand the problem. the AI isn't moving or shooting?
  3. Coin Collect Script , C#

    @ajayaj8 this was posted in 2014, and he even told you how to use it EXACTLY.. What are you having troubles with?
  4. Medieval Scene Work

    very well done. what skybox and grass did you use?
  5. Free UI work

    hey, have you ever created a HUD? even a simple mockup one would be nice, im very new and i dont really want to just copy another popular game's HUD trying to create my own. if youre interested, let me know and ill tell you everything i would need on it
  6. Free Low-Poly Pack

    these are amazing man, wish i used this art style. always been a fan of low poly flat shaded models
  7. Melee Combat Knife Script

    can anyone convert this into c#? i tried but had far to many errors
  8. Basic AI

    are there any tutorials on how to make ai similar to this? cant find any decent c# tutorials for enemies with guns