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  1. Sry guys but currently the project stopped.
  2. Hello guys, i search a Team for a Tactical FPS like Squad. About me: I am 17 years old from Germany. I started a year ago working with Unity. Currently i only programming. I have expierence in UNet and a little bit in Forge and Bolt. Looking for: (Important) 1-2 3d artist: -Modelling weapons -Modelling environment -Modelling player -Texturing models -Animating player -Animating weapons (Important) 1 sound designer: -Creating player sounds -Creating weapons sounds -Creating environment (Important) 1 Level Designer: -Creating levels (Maybe) 1 C# PRogrammer: -Coding Multiplayer System -Coding Player System -Coding Weapon System -Coding Other thinks (Maybe) 1 Texture Designer: -Creating textures for weapons -Creating textures for player -Creating textures for environment (Maybe) 1 GUI Designer: -Designing menu -Designing hud When you are interested the send me a pm but when you are not intersted then dont write any shit in this thread like "Oh no a other fps". I know its not the first fps game.
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